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RWS/Sunday Times Watercolour Competition - call for entries

The Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) is the new sponsor and host of the watercolour competition previously known as "the Singer and Friedlander". (See The RWS / Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2008 invites entries).

Permanently, Temporary
(2nd prize 2007)
Angus McEwan

This post covers:
  • the formal Call for Entries by the organisers
  • a summary of details for those wanting to submit work
  • who was shortlisted for prizes in 2007 and links to their websites and the article in the Sunday Times about their work of the prizewinners
  • an insight into what it's like to be a prizewinner - according to the blogs posts of Angus McEwan, the Scottish artist who won second prize last year (see right)
Now generously sponsored by the Royal Watercolour Society & The Sunday Times, this prestigious competition aims to encourage the use of watercolour and water based media paintings among both amateur and professional artists.
Call for Entries

Details for the competition are now available as follows:
Overview of details for submitting work
  • What is the deadline for entries? 20 and 21 July 2008.
  • How many will be accepted and shown? Approximately 100 works will be exhibited at Bankside Gallery from 10-21 September 2008.
  • Who are the 2008 judges? The judges are:
  • What can be submitted?
    • paintings in a water based medium on a paper based support
    • paintings by all artists born or resident in the UK (no age limit)
    • original and recent paintings - carried out in the last three years and not previously exhibited
    • paintings including frames which do not exceed 122 x 122cm
    • work which is the sole and original work of the entrant - it must be an original composition and the artist miust own the copyright
    • up to 4 works
  • How should work be submitted?
    • fully completed entry forms plus entry fees of £15 plus (unwrapped) works of art to St Mary's Abbot Centre or regional; hand-in centres by on 20th or 21st July 10.ooam-5.00pm
    • regional handing-in centres are in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cornwall, Edinburg, Exeter, Glasgow, Kendal, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norwich, Southampton and Yorkshire.
  • What is not allowed?
    • works on canvas
    • non-reflective glass, metal, plastic or clip frames
    • projections from the back of the work
Artists will be notifed by 24th July - at which point a list of accepted names will be viewable on the Parker Harris website.

Who was shortlisted for a prize in 2007 and who won?

Thanks to Angus McEwan for a list of the artists who were short listed for the six prizes on offer in the 2007 exhibition with their final placings. Links given provide images of more works by the artists on either their websites or on the websites of their galleries.
You can read more about what The Sunday Times has to say about the prizewinners work in this article Pictures of every stripe. This includes interviews with the prizewinners.

You can also see images of all the winning works on a Kaupthing Singer Friedlander news page about the competition and the winners. This contains comments on why the judges likes the work and how artists approached their work.

What's it actually like being a prizewinner?

You can read more about what it was like to go through the process of being shortlisted and then being awarded a prize Angus McEwan's in the posts last year on his blog Angus McEwan, Scottish Artist
This is the largest watercolour competition in Britain so to be selected is an honour, but to be short listed for a prize is beyond belief.
Angus McEwan
I loved the comment in the latter post about being able to tell the difference between the artists and the bankers! I guess that won't be an issue now that the RWS is sponsoring the prize!


The exhibition is being hosted by the Royal Watercolour Society and the Sunday Times at the Bankside Gallery, London SE1 between 10 to 21 September 2008. Open 10am to 5pm daily. Admission free

During the exhibition there will also be a series of workshops and discussions.

[August 2008 UPDATE: Read who won the prizes, who was shortlisted and who was selected for the exhibition here RWS/Sunday Times Watercolour Competition - prizewinners and selected artists]


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  1. Thanks, Katherine - I did get excited when I saw Angus McEwen's wonderful watercolour. I really must get to work on my old doors. I'm a big fan of Sean Scully too and I can't pass an old door or dilapidated wall without thinking of his paintings.


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