Saturday, January 12, 2008

A little notan in the morning

Helmsley Pink
5" x 5", coloured pencil on Arches HP

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I developed this drawing, as an example of Notan using colour, for the composition and design project during my computer 'downtime' last week . Those who were around last June may remember I did a little series of posts called 'Learning About Notan' as part of Georgia O'Keeffe Month(see links below).

This drawing has been added into the small works gallery for florals and botanicals on my website.

The drawing is based on a digital manipulation of a photo of a tulip which I took last year. I'll be commenting more on different ways of seeing notan shapes using digital software when I revisit notan as part of my Design and Composition project - my first project for 2008 - which (because of the recent computer hiatus) will now start on Monday 14th January.

Tomorrow, after a break of a month, I return to my normal routine of posting with the very first "Who's Made a Mark this week?" of 2008 ......



  1. Your tulip is wonderful. I first found your blog last year when you were doing notan. I have been a daily fan ever since. Thank you.

  2. Lovely work Katherine as usual. I have been combining my NOTAN study with a modified Anders Zorn palette for a bit of work this week. NOTAN has completely changed the way I view value structures in painting. A great design process.



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