Friday, January 18, 2008

Drawing a Head - one model and three views

Drawing A Head 17th January 2008 # 1, 2 and 3
pen and ink (below) or pencil on Lyndhurst highwhite cartridge paper,
50cm x 50cm / 15in x 15in

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Back to "Drawing a Head" with James Lloyd - at last!

Long-time readers of this blog will know I attend an evening drawing class once a week at the Prince's Drawing School on the margins of 'trendy' Hoxton. (I never ever thought when I first moved to London that I'd use the words 'trendy' to refer to Hoxton!)

Or at least I do when I remember to get my application and fee in on time - which I didn't for the Autumn Term. The marketing has moved up a gear in the last year or so and the day and evening courses are now very popular and tend to be book up fast and have waiting lists before the term even starts. They're also now attracting people with less experience which is both a good thing and a not so good thing.

So last night I drew one model and adopted the strategy I started using towards the end of the summer term last year. I drew in pen as well as pencil (it makes you look harder!) and moved around the model and drew from different angles.

I've had to do all sorts of digital PS Elements things to my photographs of the images as the light here is so very grey and poor today. The results are still not brilliant so if we get better light in the near future (I'm not optimistic!) I'll have another go and post better images.

We have three sessions - two of 45 minutes and then one of 30 minutes. I'm always setting up in the first session so it's usually less than 45 minutes. You get to guess which drawing was done in which session.

For more information about courses at the Princes Drawing School see the website. They also do a postgraduate Drawing Year, a Young Artist programme and usually run a Drawing Week in the vacations between terms.



Jennifer Rose said...

They are all great drawings but I will say the second one was drawn first and the last one was drawn last. I'm probably have them wrong and switched right around :)

Making A Mark said...

Thanks for guessing Jennifer - I'll reveal all on Sunday.

Papierflieger said...

Thank you for the "break" in theory :). I always enjoy your "head studies".

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Martin - did you notice how I've cropped them to put the eyes in the sweet spot? ;) :D

Robyn Sinclair said...

You are off to a wonderful start, Katherine! Lovely work and a great demonstration of the benefit of working large. My favourite is the first - lovely light and perspective and your beautiful even hatching.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Robyn

I forgot to mention how large I was working - and you are absolutly right. Working large makes drawing from life so much easier!

vivien said...

That first one is really successful :)

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