Sunday, January 27, 2008

27th January 2008: Who's made a mark this week?

Derwent Catalogue - Artists Pencils spread
including my drawing of Ashness Bridge

Who made a mark this week and what's the above picture all about?

Well - small toot and a 'tada' - that'll be me and the drawing that Derwent commissioned me to to do for the 2008 Derwent Catalogue which was published this month. Derwent have done a good job of reorienting their catalogue to make it much more consumer oriented and attractive. Each set of pencils now has a complete colour chart on its profile page - including all 120 colours of the Artists Pencils which I used for my work.

My drawing - shown above in the catalogue - is of the world famous Ashness Bridge in the English Lake District. You can read more about the work I produced here Ashness Bridge - my drawing for the new Derwent Catalogue.

My work is on page 2 and also on pages 12-13 of the brochure (10-12 of the pdf file). I even get a personal mention in the news section of the Derwent website (if you page through) and the reason why they chose my work for their catalogue. (I must speak to them about the mispelling of my surname on the website though!).

If you're interested you can now download the 2008 catalogue. (3.22MB pdf file) . You can also see work by other coloured pencil artists including Bob Ebdon, founder of UKCPS and a recent convert to blogging with UKCPS News.

Congratulations to....

  • Armand on the 4th birthday of Moleskinerie and the First Annual Moleskinerie Exhibition being held to celebrate it with a retrospective of selected works from friends and supporters around the world. Armand invited me to participate - for which many thanks - and I committed the cardinal sin of not dealing with the request straight away. I remembered I needed to get my images and details off to him and then my laptop hit the skids the next day! So hopefully we'll sort that out for the future. In the meantime take a look at the exhibition.
Art Blogs
Tumbling Down
10 x 14 - mixed media on watercolor paper
Karen Winters 2008
  • Karen Winters is absolutely having a ball with both oils and watercolours at the moment. I loved this post about painting a waterfall - Tumbling Down. You can see the painting she produced as a result - but the most important bit is the description of how she did it.
  • Michelle Hendry in Muskoka, Ontario has a fascinating post about the use of limited palettes and Field colour on her blog Artscapes - Musings on Art and Life. She also explains about making a field colour chart and has an example about more painting with field colour. I've already talked to Michelle about this concept and we'll be revisiting it during the colour project on this blog later this year.
Field colour is a colour method that was used by the Masters from the Renaissance right through the 19th century and has become less common since the rise of Impressionism.
Do any of you know any of the blogs highlighted in the arts and crafts section of The Bloggies? I don't! Click the link and then scroll an awfully long way down the page to get to the blogs which have got through to the final five of each section. Somebody please explain to the person who designed the site how to use hyperlinks and anchors!

Art exhibitions
Art history
Art materials and supplies
Art scams and fraud
Art spaces
  • see Marissa Lee Swinghammer's - and baby Blee's - handmade art space on the Modish Spaces blog. You can also see more handmade spaces where the handiwork of artists and crafters gets done. One day I'll be taking photos.........................(and I'll stop fibbing too!)
Art videos

Not one, not two but THREE videos about Wolf Kahn. These are:
Websites, webware and blogging
and finally - sketching and small works

A french painter produces portraits of his fellow Metro travellers while travelling. He uses a lip gloss tray for small dabs of oil paint and uses a Metro ticket for his 'canvas'. Read more about Luc Grateau and his 1,000+ mini-portraits here.


  1. Derwent Catalogue - Artists Pencils spread

    Katherine--The catalogue spread is absolutely beautifully done. Kudos to the designer on that baby. Your artwork is fantastic as part of that spread. Your site continues to be so loaded with information it is hard to not get involved reading all the information. Appreciate all the good stuff.

  2. Congratulations on the good Derwent job..must be a real encouragement for you..

    Short tip on "Wolff Kahn-php". There is a link called "Video" on that page if you click on that the real player video will start. :).

  3. Beautiful catalog!

    Hard to believe Sennelier has no votes! I am voting for another brand, but the Sennies come in second for me!

  4. Beautiful job on the Derwent Catalogue and congratulations!

    ...and thank you :)

    I look forward to your colour project! Katherine, you are a wonderful resource for everything 'art'!

  5. Congratulations on your artwork appearing in the Derwent Catalogue, and having your blog linked to the Artist's Magazine blog. (Everybody links to your blog :-)

    I also enjoyed Alan Bamberger's article on dead ends, scams, et.

    With all this information you turn into a daily entry, when do you have time for artwork??? ;-)

  6. "small toot and a 'tada'"...WAY NOT ENOUGH! Should be more like a "HUGE toot and resounding tada"!!

    Congratulations on your Derwent Catalog spread...a well deserved recognition for someone who gives so much of herself to other artists.

  7. I'm so happy for you Katherine. Beautiful!!

  8. Derwent found themselves an outstanding coloured pencil artist to market their products - congratulations to you both! As always, this post is jam packed with info and links - I've followed a few - keep thinking I'll come back and see the rest later but then there's another post... how do you do this all Katherine!?

  9. Everybody - thanks for all the thanks! I have to say it's really great to be able to sit and look at my work in the end product too.

    Thanks also for the tip Martin - I'll try that out

    Casey - I think quite a few people find the crumbliness of Senneliers when you take the wrapper off quite irritating

    Cindy and Cathy - I'm fortunate enough to have the time (at last!) to devote myself to a lifelong interest which was stifled for far too long so I'm making up for lost time. I've also never felt comfortable about finding things out (which I love doing) without also sharing (which I also love doing). I have learned such a lot from past tutors and everybody else who blogs that this is just me giving back.

  10. Hi Katherine. Congratulations on the Derwent catalogue! And I love that Turneresque Sunset in colored pencil- the big Turner show is headed to my part of the world so I can't wait to see it!

  11. Thanks Deborah - and how great you get to see sme of the Turners!

  12. Congrats Katherine on the Derwent Catalogue--I love your blog, could spend hours here, lots to "see and learn"...


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