Saturday, August 18, 2007

Common artists' questions answered

10" x 7", coloured pencil on Strathmore Bristol Vellum 300 series 100lb
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Below is a list of common questions which get asked by artists. I bet you've still not got a satisfactory answer to at least one of them.......
  • How can I find an agent to represent my art?
  • I keep sending my art out to galleries and no one is interested. What am I doing wrong?
  • I've been making art for several years and have been in a couple of group shows at local galleries. Should I contact major galleries and try to get shows?
  • Should I make limited edition giclees (inkjet prints) of my art?
  • Should I invest in a website to show my art?
  • Should I pay for gallery space on large art websites?
  • Should I rent wall space at a pay-to-play gallery?
  • I get occasional offers to submit my work to directories of contemporary artists that say they print thousands of copies for national or international distribution. Submission may be free or nominal in cost, but if I'm accepted, costs range as high as several thousand dollars. In return, I get a page or two-page essay about my art and anywhere from two to five illustrations of my work. Yes or no?
  • Can you give me some names of galleries, collectors, or agents that would be interested in my art?
  • Everybody loves my art. How come I can't sell any?
  • Should I buy mailing lists of galleries and then send out introductory information about my art?
  • I donated a painting to a charity auction and it sold really high. So I raised all my prices. Now I can't sell anything. What's the deal?
  • Is it best to let my art speak for itself?
  • Do I need to explain my art in terms of art history and talk about where it fits in?
  • Should I mention names of important artists who influenced me when I talk or write about my art?
  • My art professors tell me that the way to succeed as an artist is to "go forth and make art." Is that right?
  • Articles © Alan Bamberger 1998-2007. All rights reserved

Well here's the take on the answers to common questions that most artists ask at one point or another when developing your career. (If you reference this article anywhere please remember to include the copyright notice.)

Common artist questions answered

There's not a lot to add to this one - it's an excellent article which was published last month. I recommend you read it. Then, if you've not read it before, you might try this post where I commented on the article about "How NOT to succeed in the art world".

Alan Bamberger is the site expert on He's the sort of person that the Wall Street Journal talks to about the art business. He's also the sort of person who I think has a very balanced and informative view and writes good sense in a way which anybody can understand. It's a good idea to bookmark his site - you'll find he probably has the answer to other questions you have.

Note about the artwork

I don't think Strathmore Bristol Vellum is ever going to replace Arches Hot Press or get included in "my list of favourite supports". The surface is just too bumpy and it keeps making me feel as if I'm fighting it all the time. With this one, I very nearly beat it into submission with my Lyra Splender pencil by burnishing it A LOT - something I would never normally have to do.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Katherine, I had not known of ArtBusiness before I read it here. I found his articles to be very good, and will go back with time to read more.

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