Saturday, August 25, 2007

15th World Wide Sketchcrawl

Today is the 15th Worldwide Sketchcrawl.

You can find details of all the places where sketchcrawls have been organised at the Sketchcrawl Forum website. This previous post of mine explains what a sketchcrawl is.

You'll see that sketchcrawls are planned for:
  • North America: San Francisco; Berkeley, Los Angeles; Santa Rosa, CA; New York; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Troy NY; Amherst; Phoenix, Arizona; Detroit;
  • South America: Curitiba, Brazil
  • UK: London
  • Europe: Oslo, Norway; Ostend, Belgium;
  • Asia: Hong Kong; Sapporo, Japan;
  • Australasia: Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia
  • plus maybe a few more.......
To be alerted to the next International Sketchcrawl, suscribe to the Sketchcrawl Blog.

Sorry I forgot to post this reminder earlier - it sort of slipped off my agenda! I've been battling with some health issues for the last week or so which means that walking any distance is a bit of a problem at the moment - so the conventional sketchcrawl is out for me today. However, the week of grey skies and rain has disappeared and today is bright and sunny so I'm hoping that "He who must not be bored while I sketch" and I will be able to get out later today - probably to a garden with seats!



"JeanneG" said...

I usually get an email about the sketchcrawls. I didn't this time. Thanks for mentioning it. I too am limited by what I can do. I see a surgeon on Monday for a knee problem. My medical doctor said I will need a knee replacement. For the last month, I have pretty much been on crutches (at times one crutch since you can't carry anything with 2). Too bad "crawling" isn't an option either.

Making A Mark said...

Sorry to hear about the knee Jeanne. My mother also had to have a knee replacement so I've got an inkling about how bad it can be to need an operation of that sort - and you have my sympathy. However I have to tell you, that so long as you do your exercises after the operation, you'll be running around like a spring chicken before too long!

I also know what an awful nuisance crutches can be. Mine live permanently in my car in case I fall while I'm out.

The big trick when you absolutely have to use both crutches is either to push things around on a tea tray along the floor - or to get one of the trolley on wheel things - otherwise you move but nothing else does!

I had a nice sit down in a garden and have got quite a nice sketch done - but only the one.

"JeanneG" said...

How funny about your crutches. Mine have been in my car since 1994 when I had the motorcycle accident that lead to most of my medical problems. I have 2 sets tho. One stays in the house.

Most of the time inside I use only one leaving the other side for carrying. But that is causing some pain in my (good side hip). That may lead to more replacements. Oh the joys of aging.

Making A Mark said...

I've posted my sketchcrawl sketch on my other blog (26th) and (today 27th)I've posted links to some of the results from the sketchcrawl forum on this blog

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