Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Introducing 'Fine Line Artists'

I'm very pleased to be able to introduce you to a new and (I think) possibly a unique group of people called 'Fine Line Artists'.

'Fine Line Artists' is a group of eight artists which I helped to create a year ago. Since then, we've been working and collaborating together to develop our art and art careers/business and this week we are launching a new website to promote members of the group to the wider art world.

This extract from the introduction to the group on the website describes some of the reasons we might be unique - we're certainly different!
Fine Line Artists are a group of eight artists who live on three different continents, in four different countries, and in five different parts of North America. Their ages cross four decades and they have very different backgrounds. Nevertheless, they share common goals.

The group formed primarily to provide support for the development of their art and, for some, the business of being an artist. Their aims have been to achieve artistic growth through honest dialogue and to provide each other with advice and support at all times - in dealing with the challenges presented by their artwork, the art business and life generally.

The artists originally met one another while participating in an internet art forum and subsequently developed close friendships through e-mail correspondence and the formation of their own private internet forum in September 2005. Since then, they have met many personal challenges, supported much development and celebrated very many achievements.

They are all unequivocal that they have achieved much more by being a member of this group than they might have done pursuing their art as an individual.
Besides myself, the members of Fine Line Artists are:
  • Nicole Caulfield - New Hampshire, USA
  • Katherine Ellis - Maine, USA
  • Louise Sackett - California, USA
  • Maggie Stiefvater - Virginia, USA
  • Gayle Mason - Yorkshire, UK
  • Gordon Leverton - Ontario, Canada, and finally
  • Wendy Prior - South Island New Zealand
I'm a little less pleased to be able to introduce you to the Fine Line Artists new website address which for some reason is taking an age to get propogated despite being activated at the weekend!

In the meantime if you try this one you'll be able to see the site and:
  • introductions to all the members of Fine Line Artists
  • all our news about our activities and achievements in the last six months
  • current and future exhibitions - including a Group Exhibition in New Hampshire later this year
  • prints and fine art cards offered by members of the group
  • information about the scope of commission work accepted by members of the group
Conducting virtually all our dialogue via the internet makes life interesting in terms of group dynamics. We only started to speak with one another on the phone earlier this year and, in the last few months , we've actually started to meet up as we share our activities together!

The photo below is of Gayle and me outside the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery after the Private View of the SOFA exhibition which we both have work in. (Quick aside: I discovered that one of my works has made it into the window again and 'Yin and Yang' are now both staring at the Old Vic Theatre across the road! Gayle's work is also in an excellent position inside the gallery and the Director was very complimentary about her work.)

And this is the first ever meeting of four of us at the same time in Albuquerque last month. From left to right: Louise Sackett, Nicole Caulfield, me and Katherine Ellis.

If you'd like any further information about the group please contact us.

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