Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Travels with a sketchbook in....... New England

I'm returning to the USA on Friday for another trip - this time to New England.

It started off a while back when I realised that Sally Strand was doing a pastel workshop in New England (organised by the Cape Cod Pastel Society) at a time I could do. I think I paused for a millisecond before signing up! From this you will appreciate that I'm really looking forward to the workshop with Sally. I've wanted to do see how she does her pastels and mixed media for years and years! Ever since I first saw them in Judy Martin's book "Pastels Masterclass". And following my exchange of e-mails with her, I'm really looking forward to meeting her too.

Sally Strand is a designated a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of America. Check out her work in pastels and mixed media on her website - her treatment of light is exquisite. Also take a look at the sizes of some her work! If you'd like to find out about future workshiops, you can subscribe (on her website) to a newsletter which provides details.

Anyway - in broad terms this is where I'm going:
  • 10th - 15th September - Chatham, Cape Cod - pastel workshop with Sally Strand
  • 16-17th - Massachusetts
  • 18-20th - New Hampshire
  • 21 - 24th Maine
and then back to Massachusetts, Boston Logan and home.

The Moleskine sketchbook will be going too...... ;) I'm trying to make sure I've posted all my sketchbook from the last trip to my other blog ("Travels with a Sketchbook in......." ) before I leave. As of last night my trip in the last week in California down the Pacific Coast Highway had got as far as the palm trees in Ventura and I think I've just got breakfast in Malibu and the summary post to do to finish.

Then I can start with this new trip! I'm hoping for the colour in the trees turning while I'm there - and to see a few art museums. If you have any recommendations for places to visit / see could you include them in the comments below please. Thanks........

Packing is proving to be "interesting" given the new constraints on luggage since the terrorist scare - but hopefully they will have sorted out how to make things run smoothly at check-in by now.

What this all means is that this blog will be taking another break - with maybe the odd post between now and the end of September. But after that I'll be around for a long while.

But do read the next post - as it's rather a significant one for me.

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Julie Oakley said...

Lucky you – I hope you have a great time.

Jeffrey Hayes said...

Hi Katherine,

Just read your itinerary. IF you happen to be specifically in Boston on the 17th, and IF you happen to be checking out all the terrific Open Studios on that day (that weekend is the major annual Open Studio event in my part of town), by all means feel free to drop by my studio and say hello!

I'm at 450 Harrison Ave, Studio 201 (details at my website: Cheers!

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