Thursday, September 07, 2006

An update and some downtime (please return at the end of the month)

First thank you to all those people who subscribed to this blog yesterday - always nice to see the number of readers rising.

However, I need to ask you to accept my apologies because as indicated earlier this week I'm about to visit New England and probably won't be posting again until the end of the month.

Weight restrictions and a full set of pastels means that I won't be able to take a laptop and hence probably won't be able to access a computer to post until I get back.

Please come back at the end of the month when 'normal service will be resumed' and I shall be able to tell you all about the pastel workshop with Sally Strand on Cape Cod!

Also a quick update on the situation with the proper domain name for Fine Line Artists ie We're all rather puzzled having never had a problem before with domain name propogation - but I think we might be about to give Go Daddy a new name - "Slow Daddy" - as 4 days later the domain name has still not propogated. It's unclear what the problem is exactly and where it lies but hopefully it will be resolved very soon. In the meantime, as previouslyindicated, you can access our new project via - a bit of a mouthful but it works!

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