Friday, September 01, 2006

My Squidoo lens made the top 100!

This post is my blogging equivalent of getting out a small horn and giving it a small toot - as I'm celebrating one of my Squidoo lens making the top 100 lens on Squidoo.

Coloured Pencils - Resources for Artists is now no. 79 in the top 100 of all Squidoo lens as of today and has had a steadily climbing number of visitors for a little while now.

If you're contemplating making a Squidoo lens (and they're great for keeping all your bookmarks well organised - particularly those which will also be of interest to others) don't even think about starting until you've downloaded the Squidoo widget from Mozilla Firefox. Adding a bookmark becomes so easy when you've got that - so long as you're logged into Squidoo.

My suite of lens which are resources for artists with similar interests to me are growing all the time as I add new links. My other Squidoo lens are:
You can also check out the top 100 squidoo lens tagged 'arts' which now contains all of my published lens. They haven't yet got a Sqidoo category for "Art and Design" or "Art and Illustration" so that you might want to skip a few of these! ;)

Having just had a big 7-10 days of framing stuff to deal with (of which more anon) I think my next one might just be about framing!

Squidoo was introduced by Seth Godin who's a well known 'man about blogging' and internet communication. You can read about the progress of squidoo on the Squidblog.


  1. What did I tell you? Today Squidoo, tomorrow the world! Congratulations! It's wonderful seeing all your hard work paying off.

  2. Congratulations on the success of your Squidoo Lenses, Katherine. You're providing well structured and interesting information sources. It's no suprise people are flocking to your Lens ..I've been using the Art Business Lens all week. A heartfelt Thankyou!

    ...Toot away, you deserve to!!

  3. Thanks everybody

    Chuck - there's some new stuff on Art business today which I shall blog about very soon


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