Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Pastel Journal - deadline and entry details for the 2006 Pastel 100 competition

Just a reminder that if you're a pastel artist, you have just over two weeks left to enter the 2006 Pastel 100 competition.

Top prizewinners will feature in the April 2007 edition of the Pastel Journal. Details can now be found here on the Pastel Journal's website. In summary they say:
  • Entry is by slide or digital file. (Good slides or digital images have a better chance than poor slides or digital images)
  • You do not need to ship your painting (you donĂ‚’t even have to still own it) as images from the slides or digital files are published in the magazine.
  • Check rules carefully for entry requirements. Work must be original, soft pastel only.
In essence,
  • the competition is open to all artists except artists who've been honoured with an Art Spirit Foundation award in the last three years in any competition.
  • Artwork which is eligible are original paintings completed using at least 80% soft pastel .
  • Paintings which are not eligible are those painted using oil pastels, and/or based on published material, and/or completed during a workshop under another artist's supervision and/or those previously published in a national publication or in receipt of a major award in a national competition.
  • There are some additional restrictions of the normal sort associated with competitions.
These are links to:
Digital Entries: Image files cannot exceed 500KB and image dimensions must not exceed 500x500 pixels The file format must be JPEG. You can submit an entry online and the constraints on the file size means, so far as I'm aware, that there's no particular advantage to sending via CD rather than online.

The judges are:
  • Landscape and Interior: Elizabeth Mowry
  • Portrait and Figure: Harvey Dinnerstein
  • Still Life and Floral: Jimmy Wright
  • Animal and Wildlife: Greg Biolchini
  • Abstract / Non-objective: Rhoda Needlman
My blog post relating to the 2005 Pastel 100 competition can be found here.

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