Monday, August 28, 2006

Other people's travels with a sketchbook

I love looking at other people's travel sketchbooks only marginally less than I like creating my own (which you can see on my website).

Roz Stendhal visited Paris in early June this year and has created an on-line version of the journal she kept on that visit. Her Paris Journal has many pen and ink and watercolour sketches of both her journey there (watch out for the Icelandic geyser!) and the places she visited in Paris as she toured the city with friends – Metro pass in hand. Roz also shows us the journal she handmade for the trip. Roz’s website Rozworks also has many other interesting things to look at and is well worth a visit.

Laura of Laurelines also visited France earlier this year and used her blog to display the sketches she did while she was there. Laura has now created a special gallery for the travel sketches that she's s done on different trips to various countries and writes about travel sketchbooks here. Her work is delightful, relaxed and fresh and I know I'm certainly looking forward with enthusiasm to her trip to Paris in October.

I'm going to include a link to both Roz's and Laura's travel sketchbook sites in my other blog "Travels with a Sketchbook".

If you know of any other sites where there are 'sub-sites' dedicated to sketchbooks and/or drawings/paintings done while travelling I'd be interested to hear about them.

(And many thanks to Laura who has just highlighted my site to her fans when introducing her new gallery!)

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