Monday, August 14, 2006

Apparently I totally "get it"

I was perusing my blog stats and was happy to see one arrival which came from squidoo and was even happier when I realised that I was the subject of a post in squid blog. I quote........
Katherine Tyrrell over at Making A Mark totally totally gets how blogs and lenses interact.

Your blog lets you go deep, over time. You develop your topic through years of work.

Your lens lets you get specific, quick. It lets you venture away from the stated purpose on your blog and try on new topics. Or a lens lets you build out the details behind your blog, and organize specific content for you and for others.

In so doing, your lenses become back doors onto your blog, for people who might not have known where to knock.
Thanks squidblog - it's nice to know I'm getting it right! :)

Yesterday's post about squidoo and my new lenses is here. For some reason the comments on that post are not showing up on my screen when I click the link but do when I click 'comments'. Duh!? I think the Blogger for this blog might need some help as the comments system works fine on other posts on this blog and also in my other blog.........maybe Blogger doesn't want anybody commenting on Squidoo??? ;)

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