Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Travel and sketching - in the USA

This time next week I will be on a plane over the Atlantic and heading for California. During July, I'm going to be:
- visiting San Diego and Southern California
- attending a pastel workshop with Dianna Ponting SFCA PPC, MPAC, PSA
- travelling with friends across Arizona to New Mexico in order to..........
- stay in Albuquerque to attend, as a member, the 14th Annual Convention and Exhibition of the Conference of the Coloured Pencil Society of America (CPSA)
- visit Santa Fe
- and then return to California and, hopefully, fly up north and then drive back down the central coast visiting Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, and San Luis Obispo en route.

The whole trip will be recorded - with photos and sketches and maybe pastel paintings - in my new blog - "Travels with a Sketchbook in.........". I had planned to launch this today - but a problem arose yesterday afternoon which has just turned all my plans for this week completely upside down!!! So......launch plans are currently on hold. However, the basics are done and I may be able to start posting while I'm away subject to access to on-line facilities.

In the meantime, I'm practising for the weather in California as we're having a heatwave in London. Fortunately, it's going be a little less humid even if it is hotter where I'm going.

This was the plane tree avenue in the local park late yesterday morning. It's a plein air sketch on a double page spread in my Moleskine skeythbook using coloured pencils.

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  1. What a mammoth journey, but worth it I am sure. Its a beautiful part of the world and wonderful for people watching too!

    I will wait in anticipation of your sketches and drawings during your travels.

  2. Wow, what an amazing itinerary! Are you going to be gone the whole month of July? Wave when you pass over my part of the world ;D. I cannot WAIT to see the scads of sketches you're going to do, Katherine!

  3. Great program.
    I will be waiting to see the travel books!

  4. Oh, I hope you can post as you travel! I came via BlogHer today, and very much look forward to seeing your sketchbook.

  5. I'm away three weeks and back at the beginning of August. The only real question now is just how many sketchbooks to take given that I've just bought 2 x 1GB compact flash cards for all the photos!

  6. Well, I understand that there are art supply stores in that part of the world... ;-)

    Bon Voyage!

  7. Good one Elizabeth! ;)

    But I can tell you - from bitter experience - that the excitement and novelty of new art stores is only dampened by the anxiety of them not having what you need! Especially when the reality turns out to be that they don't!

  8. That's true. And it can be so frustrating when you want a certain thing and someone tries to persuade you to accept a substitute. (Said by someone who got so fussy about sketchbooks that she gave up on store bought and began to make her own...)

    I'm always eager to try new drawing and painting materials, though.

  9. wow what a lot of territory you'll be covering! from what I've seen you are a master at travel sketching, I am so looking forward to the drawings of your trip, I know I will be learning so much from you


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