Thursday, July 06, 2006

Self Portrait Marathon #4 - Two Half Brows

OK - so sooner or later I had to do one with the glasses on.

So this is it - it's really difficult finding an angle which flatters my double chin! I've called this one Two Half Brows because, although my hair has only just started to acquire the odd grey hair, the colour in my eyebrows is receding fast and the bit of my brows nearest my nose now needs my expertise with coloured pencil - I use "blond" by Chanel!

I did try one with coloured pencil but got the proportions wrong and looked too dumpy for words - or a reveal on the Internet for that matter. The coloured pencil scribble worked well though - and I might try again if I have time before I start travelling.

Does anybody know why, when we're concentrating on drawing our faces, every self-portrait has to look like the viewer has just committed an unpardonable gaffe? Or is it just mine?

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