Friday, July 07, 2006

Changes to the Clustr Map

I've changed the way I archive my Clustr Maps as it had got to the point where it was difficult to view the dots! Clustr had moved me to weekly updates because of the number of hits I'm now getting.

So now, instead of archiving on a yearly basis I've moved over to monthly archiving with the number of visits back to being updated on the map on a daily basis. I still need to check and see whether I can get archiving to occur on the first of every month.

So the old map was archived yesterday (plus the start date corrected after their server update) and today there is a new map - with the 263 hits from yesterday! By tomorrow I'll have had nearly 16,000 hits in 3 months.

Many thanks to all of you who made you way over to the new sketchbook blog - it also started with a very respectable number of hits - and has already collected its first Technorati favourite!!!

I've started posting my sketching trip to Venice last year to my new blog - and the day-by-day format being used for this trip - is very much the way this new blog will work.

If you use Technorati favourites you can read posts from your favourite blogs (if they're registered with Technorati) very quickly.

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