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How to watch Landscape Artist of the Year 2025 being filmed

The 10th series of Landscape Artist of the Year will be broadcast in early 2025 - but it will be filmed this summer - in June and July. 

This is about how you can watch the filming of the series of episodes involving eight artists all trying to paint the same view at the same time - within four hours.

The Locations for LAOTY 2025

Filming takes place this summer and is broadcast in early 2025.

The general principles are that the production team from Storyvault Films
  • go to one location
  • which offers two sites for two heats
  • which means minimal distance to shift the pods from one location to the next.
  • Each heat winner goes on to paint another stunning location in the semi-final with three being selected to go through to the final
There are typically three locations and six sites in total - plus a semi final location and a location for the Final. They kept very quiet about the really silly location/timing for the Final last year - so don't expect to hear about that.

However, that's NOT what's been announced for this year

I can't work out whether or not 
  • they've reduced the number of programmes 
  • they're doing an A/B Test to see what the impact is of having an invited audience against not having anybody invited at all.....
Frankly, I thought the open invitation for people to attend the filming made some of the locations very difficult for the artists - notably during the semi-final.

Locations for the Heats

Surely they're not doing a cut price cut down version of the programme for the 10th series?

The HEAT Locations are:
Llanberis in Snowdonia with the National Slate Museum in the left foreground

The SEMI-FINAL Location is 
  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - this is home to world famous ships, submarines and museums that tell the story of centuries of maritime and Royal Navy history. It also won the prestigious Museum + Heritage Awards 2024, where it clinched not one, but two accolades: Partnership of the Year and Best Use of Digital.
    • 10th July 2024
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - which includes:
the Mary Rose Museum, HMS Victory (Nelson's ship) and
the National Museum of the Royal Navy

How the Filming Day works

  • Generally speaking the artists selected for the location are there from 7am - having everything explained to them and getting kitted out. They don't want visitors around at that time.
  • The competition will start at approximately 9.30am and finish around 6pm. 
  • You do not need to contact us to reserve a place, but please note that some locations may charge an entry fee.
Plus they announced the location of the commission in advance - see also my blog post 10th Anniversary Prize Commission for Landscape Artist of the YearApparently it's going to involve a trip to the South of France!

At the moment I've got a bet with myself that it might have something to do with Cezanne and the Bibemus Quarry and/or the views of The Montagne Saint-Victoire (c.1887) or maybe 

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