Tuesday, May 14, 2024

I'm on a bit of a break....

I've not been posting because:

  1. I needed a proper break - not having had a break from blogging in a long time - and there's never ever a good time!
  2. I'm currently engaged in a MEGA Spring Clean - as in really MEGA!
My better half and I have been reorganising my study. As in he does the heavy lifting and I do the organising, chucking and shredding......

Stage 1: The Move

I wanted my study to be more accessible and ergonomic - and basically wanted to get rid of my filing stacks!!

So we’ve moved my filing cabinet out of the corner and put it next to the door so it is now much more accessible - which means I can actually now file as I go as opposed to having HUGE “for filing” stacks.

However to do this, we also had to disassemble my desk into its three parts and then move it left to make room for the filing cabinet.

Plus we had to empty the filing cabinet first. That filled three of those indestructible bags!!

Plus all the technology and "the stuff which sits on the top of the desk" had to move too. 

The printer is now sat on top of the filing cabinet which also makes that much more accessible.

My previous steel computer table bought c.30 years ago - which used to house the printer plus paper plus stationery supplies - also had to move out of the way altogether - and is now enjoying a second life and doing sterling work in the kitchen with the veggie basket tower and the pan tower on top and all the plants pots and ‘indoor gardening ‘ stuff underneath! This has tidied up and made a big difference to the “messy corner” of the kitchen.

The high chair from the kitchen which used to have the veggie tower on top of it has now moved to the inaccessible corner where the filing cabinet used to be!

The last bit of this first stage was reconnecting the iMac and the printer - this time to a extension under my desk. Always interesting for somebody with osteoarthritis and wonky joints who cannot get up from the floor and who generally has to crawl to the sofa to become vertical again.

Stage 2 The Filing System

The main problem with inaccessible filing cabinets is that they involve housing folders which should have been chucked years ago

The next job was to fill the filing cabinet - but only with files which need to be kept.

So I treated myself to some new Reinforced Suspension Files before I devised a a completely new filing system - which makes sense to me - and started the sorting and labelling job.

Whether I've got things in the right drawer remains to be seen. 

PS If you've ever seen my filing structures for digital files, you will realise I'm quite obsessive about doing filing properly.

Stage 3: Chucking and Shredding

I used to be very good about having a big chuck every 3 months. However that used to be more than 25 years ago and I've been much less good about regular chucking since I've retired.

However I have new resolve and I will chuck!

So the third stage is the chucking and shredding re. what didn’t make its way back into the filing cabinet.

So all the old tax files and other things from the past have been removed for the big chuck. Just keeping a bit of paperwork back for me to trace my past. 

I was amazed what I'd completely forgotten. Apparently I was once commissioned to deliver a short course for a module for a Masters Degree at City University Business School. I can neither remember what it was about nor can I remember delivering it but I did find my copy invoice for it!!

I've been sorting, chucking and shredding most of yesterday and today.  I now have two massive bags are now full of shredded paper plus a very heavy third big heavy bag of stuff which didn't need to be shredded - and I've not finished!  

One major objective is to avoid trashing the shredder. 
  • Shredder oil is being applied religiously 
  • I'm remembering to remove all the paper clips.
  • I’m being very good at not doing too many pages at once. Only one near miss so far. 
  • Very sharp scissors are also designed for getting out paper stuck in shredders - but only after you have disconnected from the power!
I’ve also decided I may well need another filing cabinet - because there are still too many folders on the floor - but that’s going to have to wait until I’ve replaced the wardrobes used as cupboards for yet more storage of stuff which also probably needs to be chucked. 

Which is when I revisit Stages 2 and 3 and start again - but I think I'll have a break before moving on to the next bit of the exercise. 

Somewhere in all of this there is method in my madness.
The big trick is working out which part to move first to unlock the mega chucking!

The other trick is remembering you need to keep on top of chucking!  
When I worked as a management consultant, I often used to work from home and I always used to have a big chuck every 3 months. 
I’ve really got to get back into good habits!!

I'm also very mindful that as I get older I need to do my own chucking rather than disappearing from this earth and leaving it for other people to do! 

The Final Stage: The Art Materials and old Artwork

The very last bit will be sorting out old artwork and old art materials and working out what to do with these. 

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