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Landscape Artist of the Year 2022 (Series 7) starts on Wednesday!

Series 7 of Landscape Artist of the Year (2022) will be broadcast on Sky Arts starting this Wednesday 12th January 2022 

  • on Sky Arts on Freeview (Channel 11) at 8pm 
  • or live streamed via Now
This post is for those who want to 
  • know what the LOCATIONS were when they filmed last summer (2021)
  • think about entering to paint this summer (2022) to view next year (2023)
  • recap on some of the learning points from previous series

I'm expecting the format to be the same as always 
  • 9 episodes in total (6 Heats + semi-final + Final + Commission)
  • the same 3 Judges plus the same 2 presenters
  • 6 locations for the heats
  • 6 or 8 artists in the Pods in each heat - depending on whether they are reverting to the norm or sticking with the 6 they had in 2020 re. the constraints they were operating under
  • 4 hours total to paint the location the artists are given - from the pod they are assigned (unless you rebel as some have done in the past - and turn round / wander off / etc!)
  • Wildcard artists at each location - with numbers being tailored to the space available
  • the winner gets a £10,000 commission to paint a specific location 
  • coverage via their social media - 

In terms of locations - unlike in the summer of 2020, the location filming went further afield in the summer of 2021!

I haven't found any reference to Heat Locations in print yet - but social media has been MUCH more revealing! I've found various posts by "people who were there" - and it's clear the presenters and judges and the production team have all been to the following for the Heats - plus I found a listing of all the locations and dates! :) 

So this is it
so ONLY five Heats - and not six?? Maybe they didn't get enough decent entries?

  • 3rd February 2022: the Final will be at Levens Hall - thank you Kathleen Soriano! This is located south of Kendal in Cumbria - at the gateway to the Lake District National Park. Looks like they had a fabulous sunny day in the gardens with the topiary.....
  • 2nd March 2022: Winners Film - based around a ride on a narrow boat along part of the Rochdale Canal - which runs for 33 miles between Manchester and Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire, UK.

Fancy being part of the show next year?

If you think you'd like to meet the challenge and participate in the various heats which will take place this summer
then you need to READ

Here's some of what I had to say in that post

DEADLINE for applications is NOON on 14 April 2022.
However they very often extend it! (It depends on how many quality applications they receive)

Some things to think about

  • Are you used to painting plein air?
  • Can you cope with carrying on as the the weather changes - for better or worse? They don't stop for anything.....
  • Can you cope with the light changing as the time passes or the weather changes?
  • Have you ever painted a landscape - beginning to end - in four hours?
  • Have you ever painted landscapes with people watching / filming / asking questions?
  • What makes your landscape art different and interesting and something they might want to see more of?
  • Will you be available for the filming - planned to take place around the UK in June 2022?


  • It's not untypical for the best landscape paintings to be produced by those who can paint whatever is in front of them to a deadline.
  • Make sure you can produce a good digital image of your landscape submission - minus any mount / frame
  • Think about what makes for:
    • good landscape art
    • poor / boring landscape art
  • Practice plein air painting - a lot!
  • Work out to revise your process so you can produce a landscape image in under four hours
  • Then work out how to speed up
  • Work out what you need to do to focus better and block out interruptions
  • More practice at plein air painting!!
  • Submit a good/interesting landscape with your entry
Plus if you want to find out more about the competition - and more pointers as noted by me while watching the heats on television - do read my past posts for Series 4,5, and 6 below.

Past Posts about Landscape Artist of the Year

CALLS FOR ENTRIES - Series 6, 7 and 8

To help you prepare I RECOMMEND that you
  • Take a look at my reviews of the last THREE years (below) - which include lots of pics - to help you have a think about whether you want to enter.
  • Watch previous series in a major binge on Sky or Now TV - where all episodes are available.

and receive every post from Making A Mark via email.

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AFTER you verify the link in the email you will receive

Below you can find
  • the link to my reviews in the current and previous series
  • THEMES identified in each of my reviews are highlighted under the link for each review of the episode
  • links to blog posts written by the participants - always very helpful!

2021: SERIES 6

Filmed in 2020 after the first lockdown - and the production company were not travelling far from London!
“I had been called by the production company at the end of June to tell me that I had been selected. I knew I would only have four hours to paint something on the day, so set about training myself on days in July to create something acceptable in my style in four hours, I took some days off work and went off on my bike to paint for four hours in the open, so that on the day I would be used to sitting and painting for that time. It meant that on the day I was able to focus and not panic. In the end I think I did the best I could, but everyone can judge when they watch the programme." Stephen Jordan - Lecturer displays artistic talent on Sky Arts - who produced one of my favourite landscape entries for the competition (which had taken a while to paint) - see below - hence his approach to getting up to speed
In my view those most likely to do well put very simply are
  • those who have a well developed method for painting i.e. they know what they're doing and they've done it lots of time before
  • those well used to painting plein air - and coping with all sorts of weather and variation of weather and light during the time you are painting
  • artists who focus on composition and how best to represent the view
  • those who produce the best paintings. It's not about style - it's about quality
Commission and pod paintings respectively by:
(left to right) Shelagh Casebourne, Ophelia Redpath and Clare Lord

2020: SERIES 5 

EPISODE 1: Review: Episode 1 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 at Smeaton Tower, Plymouth Hoe
  • A dominant vertical and a strong horizontal and an awful lot of water
  • Being flexible with your formats
  • No game plan
  • Finding the beauty on the day - and avoiding the twee
  • and finally - don't arrive with a gimmick to market your normal artwork
EPISODE 2: Review: Episode 2 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 at Herstmonceux Observatory
  • Finding clothing / kit solutions for extremely challenging weather
  • Skies are important: what to do about a grey sky which keeps on changing
  • The value of a coloured support
  • Don't dodge the complexity (What to do when you don't like the subject)
  • Where have the tablets all gone? 
EPISODE 3: Review: Episode 3 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 - Millenium Bridge Gateshead
  • How to crop a complicated view
  • Sketching as preparation
  • How to work out the wildcard winner before the announcement
  • Tools: masking tape and sharp edges
  • Game Plans and time management
  • Use the Heats to enhance your preparation 
  • PLUS
    • Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 | Camilla Dowse
    • Landscape Artist of the Year 2019- Gateshead | Fujiko Rose
    • Sky Arts 'Landscape Artist of the Year 2019' An amateur artist's journey ... | Keith Tunnicliffe
    • Filming Day... | Keith Tunnicliffe 
EPISODE 4: Review: Episode 4 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 at Herstmonceux Castle
  • What to do when it's a grey day with bad lighting
  • Buildings versus nature
  • What to do about a very BIG building which is very full on?
  • Practical tips from a pod artist
  • PLUS
    • Smile for the Camera: Sky Landscape Artist of the Year | Sarah Manolescue
    • Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 - Wild Card
EPISODE 5: Review: Episode 5 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 at the Tyne Bridge
  • Studio Artist vs Plein Air Painter
  • How many different ways can you paint the same view
  • Where is the sun?
  • To shadow or not to shadow
  • Don't be twee!
  • Different tools for different folks
  • PLUS: Sky Landscape Artist of The Year Contestant! by Clare Bowen
EPISODE 6: Review: Episode 6 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 - Drake's Island
  • Submission paintings reflecting last year's venues
  • Which view to choose in bad weather?
  • Which medium to use in changing weather?
  • Lush oil and interesting brushwork
  • Hold back on the kitsch
  • Not a lot of tablets
SEMI FINAL: Review: Semi-Final of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 at Cromarty Firth
  • PLUS: Landscape Artist of the Year | Semi Finals | Cromarty Oil Rigs | Fujiko Rose 

I'm adding Series 4 back in later!

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