Tuesday, June 15, 2021

About Shirley Trevena RI

Shirley Trevena is extremely well known - internationally - as a watercolour painter. This is a video about Shirley talking about how she became a painter and her approach to making art in watercolour. 

Shirley is also: 

  • a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours. She was elected inn 1994 and served as a committee member for 8 years.
  • an ex-local government officer who worked in Planning (I never knew that before!) 
  • who used to be "just a holiday painter" - who started painting in watercolour while on holiday in Cornwall
  • resigned her planning job nearly 30 years ago to become a professional full time artist
  • Draws using the same pen as me (yay for the Pilot G-TEC-C4)
  • credits the film "A Bigger Splash" - about David Hockney - as providing inspiration for her and proved that there were no rules
  • started painting floral paintings - for which she is perhaps best known

Flowers by Shirley Trevena

  • now she focuses more on still life - but also paints other subjects
  • Comments in the video about
    • how she uses her iPad to help her make decisions about the development of her painting 
    • her approach to drawing and painting and
    • how she breaks rules, alters perspective and features patterns.... 

She written three art instruction books about her approach to painting in watercolour

She has also made several instructional DVDs. 

If you want to pep up your watercolours, I suggest you take a look!

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