Monday, November 16, 2020

Continuing Art Education - Online #1: RISD

One of the advantages of the Pandemic is so much education and instruction is moving online. 

Plus being online means it can now be accessed by students all over the world. 

The only limitation on class size is the numbers one teacher or instructor can reasonably provide feedback to.

Rhode Island School of Design

RISD Ready and Reactivated. Campus looks a little different this fall due to COVID-19, but through the efforts of our community, creativity flourishes as ever.
Rhode Island School of Design is a private art and design school in Providence, Rhode Island.  Founded in 1877 it offers bachelor's and master's degree programs.

It also offers a program of continuing education 
This winter, RISD Continuing Education is offering 40+ online courses for adults, which can be taken from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

RISD Continuing Education

This is the dedicated website for continuing education
Art and Design for Everyone
provides an immersive and innovative art and design education for everyone, at all stages of life and all levels of experience.

The offerings are diverse and include courses for both adults and kids and face to face and online. 

Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education announces over 60 online courses for adults and teens this winter, as well as eight certificate programs now being offered 100% online.
These are their news updates today about
  • Minimum requirements for online courses are a computer, smartphone or tablet; an internet connection; and a web browser
  • The minimum system requirements for those classes/courses which use Zoom include: 
    • A broadband (Ethernet or fast wireless) internet connection, 
    • a computer running at least Windows XP or Mac OS 10.7, 
    • at least 4GB of RAM, 
    • a built-in camera or USB plug-in webcam, speakers or headphones, and 
    • a microphone (if you have a built-in webcam, it includes a microphone).
“We are excited about the new opportunities and benefits online instruction offers; we found people really appreciate the flexibility it affords and we have been able to expand our audience to include students from all around the world.”

Adult Programs:
  • include a broad range of visual arts and design disciplines (both traditional and digital)
  • plus topics related to art and design as integral parts of our lives and culture
  • scheduled over four terms in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.
There are four different types of courses - and these include 
Certificate programs are designed especially for adults who want a rigorous and comprehensive course of pre-professional and professional study on a part-time basis.
These are the range of online courses.

Page 2 of the portfolio of online courses available to adults

You can take certificate program classes with the intention of joining a certificate program at a later date - and if you do this you have a one-year grace period in which to apply.

RISD Online Certificate Programs

If interested you are urged to make sure you sign up quickly as a number of courses were filled very quickly in previous term.

If you know of other reputable educational institutions which also deliver comprehensive online courses please let me know (Message me via

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