Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Sky Artist of the Year (Portrait and Landscape) returns

Series 7 of Portrait Artist of the Year starts at 8pm on Sky Arts on Wednesday 14th October 2020. That's one week from today!

In other words the PAOTY has nabbed the Landscape Artist of the Year slot!
I have more news about Landscape Artist of the Year in the UK - and abroad(!) - at the end!

 The PAOTY Judges: art historian Kate Bryan, artist Tai Shan Schierenberg, independent curator Kathleen Soriano and Stephen Mangan who acts as the host.

The interesting thing about the promotion image above - and what I've read to date is there is no mention of Joan Bakewell. Given Joan's age (age 87) and the Covid-19 Pandemic I'm not surprised as nobody would want to risk a "national treasure"

See my previous blogpost on Making A Mark to see how to watch Sky Arts for FREE in the UK - on Channel 11 on Freeview.
I gather from one follower that Freeview is not what Virgin delivers - but this quote from Sky suggests it's a different channel number on different platforms.
Find Sky Arts now on Freeview channel 11, Freesat channel 147 alongside Sky channel 122, Virgin Media Channel 123 and BT channel 348
Some of you will recall we had Portrait Artist of the Week earlier this year during lockdown in the UK. For your information:
I'm not sure whether you can watch the previous series on Channel 11 - but you'll certainly be able to watch all the previous episodes that I've written about by clicking the portrait artist of the year label on this blog

Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year

Usually, this is the time of year when we are all viewing Landscape Artist of the Year - but not this year. Instead two things have happened

Commissioned landscapes

Sky Corporate commissioned 5 artists 
To celebrate Sky Art's free-to-air launch, we commissioned 38 pieces of artwork depicting beautiful and varied constituency landmarks from across the United Kingdom. Working with five finalists from our hit show Landscape Artist of the Year, and each using a different medium, we are delighted to present the collection in the online gallery below. Taken together, the 38 sites represent the diversity of landscapes and buildings across the country, and the power of art to offer new perspectives.
The artists Alice Boggis-Rolfe, Brian Ramsey, Fujiko Rose (last year's winner),
Gregor Henderson and Titus Agbara 

You can see the landscape paintings they produced on this page. You might want to try and see whether you can work out which artist did which painting without looking at the details - which you can see if you click the pic.

Landscape Artist of the Year - starts January 2021

I found a giveaway on Twitter!  Looks like Landscape Artist of the Year has switched to a January broadcast.

Looks like they maybe didn't travel far  

and they had wildcards. Look they stamp the back of the canvas!

plus I found that I was wrong about Joan - she was out and about with the landscape artists this summer - but also got a bed for snooze! I'm guessing it was the being outdoors which made the difference

However the major news is Landscape Artist of the Year has gone to CANADA - and started broadcasting at the beginning of this month! 

It looks like Sky Arts has franchised the format - which makes me wonder if it's going to also move to the USA if a suitable television company wants to broadcast it.

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