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ING Discerning Eye 2020: Selected Artists

The list of artists selected for the online ING Discerning Eye 2020 Exhibition have been produced in the most anti-analytical form possible!

Hence many hours and much effort was employed in producing this listing of artists who have had artwork selected for the exhibition in order of 
  • number of artworks selected
  • alphabetically by surname
There is no indication of which selector chose what - which is a pity.

I'm listing the names below in the order of the number of works selected - but am not including the titles of work selected. If you want to view the full listing see ING Discerning Eye 2020 - Selected Artists
If you'd like an image of your selected artwork included in this post   please get in touch (that's a pic not a live link under my mugshot) or message me via my Making A Mark Facebook Page

You can see what people had to enter in my Call for Entries: Virtual ING Discerning Eye 2020 post

The Virtual Exhibition will be online 24/7 from 19 November until 31 December 2020.

I haven't yet counted but I just know from sorting and typing the names that there are WAY MORE artists and artworks selected this year. Must have the fact that being online means there's no limits to how many you can have. (I wager somebody may think differently after they have all been uploaded to the exhibition site!!)

I've picked out some of the people I know below - and linked to their websites - and invited some of those whose artwork I spotted on Twitter and Facebook to send me images for this post.  If I missed your name do let me know in the usual way.

Six artworks selected

  • Rae Birch Carter - I'm bemused by this one. Her theme for the six works selected is "Performing in a Pandemic" - which all appear to be images on Zoom.  No website and one mention on Instagram which goes as follows. 
Maker Rae Birch-Carter worked as a costume designer for film and period dramas before starting Agnes Hart, her Etsy shop. Now her bridal accessories take center stage.

Five artworks selected

Four artworks selected

It appears that those who have four artworks selected have a very clear theme to their works including using art as social commentary
  • Brian Adams 
  • Victoria Atkinson - trained as a sculptor at the City and Guilds of London Art SchooHer group exhibitions have included: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; Society of Portrait Sculptors FACE; Affordable Art Fair, Battersea; Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries; The Towner, Eastbourne; Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. I've seen her work before in exhibitions - and you always notice it.

Four sculptures by Vicki Atkinson

Three artworks selected

  • Roger Adams
  • Sarah Adams
  • Ruth Addinall
  • Jonathan Alibone
  • Louise Anscomb
  • Margaret Ashman
  • Roger Aslin
  • David Aston
  • Lilias August RI
  • Sarah Bale
  • Christine Bangert
  • Deborah Batt
  • Harry Bell
  • John Bell
  • Sean Bennett
  • Jemima Brown
  • Lorraine Brown
  • Chris Bruce 
  • Clive Bryant
  • Trevor Burgess
  • Clare Burnett
  • Corinna Button
  • G Calvert
  • Kathryn Campbell
  • Simon Chalmers
  • Felix Chesher
  • Wayne Clements
  • Julie Cross - a multi-award winning artist living in Yorkshire. She is a figurative, expressionist painter who mostly uses female figures and faces. Her work is usually highly textured, often incorporating layers of cold wax and oil paint.
Oil and Cold Wax on Wood Panel 30cm x 30cm

  • James Dearlove
  • Sally Doyle
  • Jill Eisele
  • Nicholas Gentilli
  • Imogen Hawgood
  • Beverley Healy
  • Michelle Heron - an urban landscape painter from Norfolk whose artwork has been praised by Kathleen Soriano
by Michele Heron

  • Anna Mazzotta  
  • Elizabeth Meek MBEPast President of the Society of Women Artists and the Royal Society of Miniature Painters
  • Andrew McNeile Jones - graduated from Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Art, with a first in Fine Art, in the 1980’s and worked in the film industry for many years where he won a number of awards. He now lives and works in Oxfordshire and focuses on his art and exhibitions. His website is very interesting because he hs grouped his paintings into years which allow you to follow the path of his thinking behind how he approaches painting.
Neon by Andrew McNeile Jones

  • Liz Middleton
  • Elizabeth Nast
  • Clare Palmer
  • Sumi Perera
  • Philippa Robbins
  • Karin Schösser (I think the listing is spelt incorrectly i.e. Karin Sch√∂sser)
  • Latifa A Stranack
  • Tracy Ann Williams

    Two artworks selected

    • Catherine Ade
    • Bronwen Ackhurst
    • Patricia Adderley
    • Rachel Addis
    • David Agenjo
    • Veeda Ahmed
    • Hashim Akib
    • Tony Alcock
    • Millie Anderson
    • Anne-Elise Angas
    • Rossi Angela Paola
    • Elaeanor Anglinetta
    • Rachel Arif
    • Julie Arnall
    • Amanda Averillo 
    • Alison Aye
    • Paul Ayers
    • James Baggaley
    • Nadeem Baghdadi
    • Darren Ball
    • Matt Bannister
    • Patricia Barker
    • Rosie Barnes
    • David Barrow
    • Amanda Bates - two works chosen Overhang and Underash. You can read about one of them if you right click the title below the image below.

    Overhang by Amanda Bates
    Indian ink on kaolin-coated board, 16″ x 12″
    • Mark Beesley
    • Angela Bell 
    • Cai Bellis
    • Tim Benson - President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters
    • Grace Bentley-Leek
    • Simon Bergin
    • Grace Black
    • Dan Booth
    • Georgina Bown
    • William GC Brown
    • Linda Burrows
    • Henrietta Busch
    • Olga Cannon-Brooks
    • Josef Cabey
    • Helena Cardow
    • Alison Carpenter-Hughes 
    • Berenice Carrington
    • John Carroll
    • Kate Carter
    • Paula Cave
    • Carl Chapple
    • Waithera Chege
    • Judy Clarkson
    • Wayne Clough
    • Austin Cole 
    • Rebecca Coleman
    • James Connelly
    • Alex Cooper
    • Daniel Crawshaw
    • Daniel Davis
    • Martin Davis
    • Graeme Duddridge
    • Jaime Eastwood
    • Angela Edwards 
    • Valerie Ellis
    • Gethin Evans
    • Johnathan Farningham
    • Nevine Fathey
    • Frances Featherstone
    • Jane Fielder
    • Glen Fitzpatrick
    • Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf
    • Sheryl Fox
    • Archie Franks 
    • Louise Galizia
    • Melanie Goemans
    • Komachi Goto
    • Jacqui Grant
    • Sally Hands
    • Kathryn Hirst
    • Kaye Hodges
    • Andrea Hookbased in Dorset. She's been painting since childhood but this was the first time she had entered the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition - and both figurative/portrait paintings were accepted.  As an illustrator she illustrated the natural-history information boards displayed throughout Dorset.
    Better with or without? by Andrea Hook
    15 x 30 cms
    Acrylic & Oil on cotton canvas panel.

    • Anne Howeson 
    • Linda Hubbard
    • Laura Jacobs
    • Jane Jenkins
    • Hero Johnson - award winning artist who has painted Lord Puttnam, Sir Alan Parker and Michael (Paddington Bear) Bond
    By Hero Johnson
    • Charley Jones
    • Daniel Kelly
    • John Knights
    • Christopher Knox
    • Nigel Langford
    • Anna Liber Lewis 
    • Bethany Marett
    • Jack Milroy
    • Jacques Milroy (variation on a name theme???)
    • Elizabeth Monahan
    • Philip Munoz
    • Dominic Negus
    • June Nelson
    • Edward Paleo
    • Rachel Parker
    • Philippa Paterson
    • Julie Peintner
    • Marisa Quartin
    • Jessica Quinn
    • Peter Quinn
    • Christina Reading
    • Constance Regardsoe
    • Lucas Reynes-Matter
    • Arabella Ross 
    • Ilaria Rosselli del Turco
    • Louise Saward
    • Melissa Scott Miller
    • Chris Shaw Hughes
    • Jan Vajda
    • Michaela Wheater
    • Joella Wheatley
    • Charles Williams
    • Val Wolstenholme Clay

    One artwork selected

    • Jacqueline Abel
    • Ekaterina Adelskaya
    • Kirill Ahmedzanov 
    • Janice Aikten
    • Michael Ajerman
    • Victoria Albuquerque 
    • Pam Aldridge
    • Matthew Alker
    • Susan Aldworth
    • Georgina Allen
    • Imogen Allen
    • Jessica Allen
    • Peter d'Allesandri
    • Christina Allman
    • Jonatan Alter
    • Tony Anderson
    • Min Angel
    • Claire Anscomb
    • Paula Anzorge
    • Nicholas Archer 
    • Martin Argles
    • Edward Ian Armchair
    • Melanie Armstrong
    • Rue Asher
    • Alex Ashton
    • Zena Assi
    • Jamie Avis
    • Debbie Ayles
    • Belinda Bailey
    • Dave Baines
    • Sharon Baker
    • Andy Barker
    • Rosalind Barker
    • Sarah Barker Brown
    • Hilary Barnes
    • Jeanette Barnes
    • Sabatin Bascobin
    • David Bassinder
    • Helen Bartholomew
    • Linda Baxter
    • Emma Bennett
    • Fred Bennett
    • Akash Bhatt
    • Russell Bignold
    • Helena Birch
    • Natalie Bird
    • John Black
    • Marjorie Bloch
    • Jillian Eva Bold
    • Sarah Bold
    • Su Bonfanti
    • Claudia Bonney
    • Crimson Boner
    • Trevor Bounford
    • Lesley Bower
    • Kit Boyd
    • Pat Boyd
    • Louise Boyce
    • Izaak Brandt
    • David Brayne
    • Richard Brayshaw
    • Faye Bridgwater
    • Lucy Brisley
    • Martin Brown
    • Nastasha Brown
    • Gabriella Buckingham
    • Alexandra Buckle
    • Tiffany Budd
    • Claire Burris
    • Eleanor Buffam
    • Steve Burden
    • Martyn Burdon - regular exhibitor at BP Portrait Award and prizewinner
    • Carol Bury
    • Rosie Burns
    • Verity Burton
    • Tania Busschau
    • Michelle Butcher
    • Jim Butler
    • Morag Caister
    • Tom Caley
    • Alex Callaway
    • Niki Campbell
    • Adelina Canolli 
    • Alessandro Carboni 
    • Charles Carey
    • Susan Carter
    • Tom Cartmill
    • Eki Castelli
    • Barry Cawston 
    • Sarah Chalkie Clunan
    • Michael Chance
    • Anita Chanda 
    • Dawn Chandler
    • Sheila Chapman
    • Steve Chapman
    • Hoi Yee Chau
    • Anarkali Checkrahamatoula 
    • Antonella Cianfagna 
    • Joanna Ciechanowska 
    • Annie Clay
    • Sue Clayton
    • Peter Clossick
    • Kate Cochrane
    • Lara Cobden
    • Stephen Codner
    • Toni Cogdell
    • Lottie Cole
    • Adrian Coleman 
    • Melanie Comber
    • Judas Companion
    • Paul Corfield
    • Catriona Coulter
    • James Cowan
    • James Cross
    • Andrea Cryer
    • Judith Cummings
    • Robert Cunnew
    • Rpss Cunningham
    • Serena Curmi
    • Grazina Cydzik
    • Angela Daley 
    • Morrigan Dann
    • Helen Davison
    • Joe Dean
    • John Dearing
    • Tamsin Dearing - a Cornish fine artist, specialising in classical pencil and pastel portraiture
    Daryl by Tamsin Dearing
    coloured pencil
    • Rebecca Denton
    • Derek Dick
    • Jane Dickens
    • Mirian Dokotliver
    • Esther Donalson Nyandwi
    • Mieke Douglas
    • Simon Dredge
    • Dacc E Dukjan
    • Eleanor Dunn
    • Olivia Dunn
    Closer to the edge by Sue England

    • Susie Englefield
    • Mark Entwisle
    • Martin Evans
    • Michael Ewart
    • Sara Eyton
    • Jayne Farleigh
    • Juli F????? (mistake in spelling) Fejös??
    • Tony Feld
    • Poppy Field
    • Inma Garcia-Carrasco
    • Timothy Gatenby
    • John Gathercole
    • Catherine Gibbens
    • Chris Gilvan-Cartwright
    • Dylan Goddard
    • Phillippa Goddard
    • Leila Godden - Based near Lewes in East Sussex, she exhibits regularly in London with the Free Painters and Sculptors (FPS) and is represented by Signet Contemporary Art, Kings Road, Chelsea. Her work has been selected for ING Discerning Eye and the Society of Women Artists (SWA) at the Mall Galleries in London, The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol and C24 Gallery in New York City. Her painting is part of a new series of more abstracted paintings based on the contents of her garden
    Red Petals 2 by Leila Godden
    Acrylic on aluminium panel - 20 x 20cm

    • Anita Gopal 
    • Arina Gordienko 
    • Thersa Gourlay
    • Sarah Granville
    • Adam Grose

    • Janet Groves 
    • Lauren Gunn
    • Tea Guruli
    • Sarah Gwyer

    • Selby Hurst Inglefield
    • Brian Innes
    • Isabel Jansen
    • Ben Johnson
    • Maureen Jordan
    • Tracy Keeping
    • Jane Kelly
    • Justin Kelly
    • Olivia Kemp
    • Alice Kendall
    • Nastasha Kimstatch
    • Eily Kirby
    • Anita Klein - member and Past President (2003-2006) of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers 
    • Kate Knight
    • Caryn Koh
    • Debbie Lee
    • Rosemary Lewis
    • Jayson Lilley
    • Jan Lee Johnson
    • Elli Logan-Airey
    • Miranda Lopatkin
    • Alison Lumb
    • Rory Macdonald
    • Lindsay Madden
    • Louise Marks
    • Madeline Marsh
    • John Maule-ffinch
    • Patsy McArthur
    • Clare McDowell
    • Susan McFarlane - a Scottish artist based in Hampshire
    • Andrew McIntosh
    • Duncan McKellar
    • Lucinda McLaren
    • Jim McLean
    • Tom Mead - Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year Finalist 2018 and Portrait Artist of the Week (14/06/20
    • George Melling
    • Hugh Mendes
    • Victoria Helen Mihatovic
    • Alice Miller
    • Sarah Jane Moon - a portrait painter who regularly exhibits at the BP Portrait Award
    • Lindsey Moran
    • Nicolas Moreton
    • Leo Morey
    • Claire Mort
    • Ian Mowforth
    • Chuck Munroe
    • John Murphy-Woolford
    • Rob Murray
    • Sara Muzira
    • Kate Newington
    • Nina Ogden
    • Zosia Olenska
    • Jen Orpin based in Manchester whose bio has one of the more unusual claims to fame.
    Her paintings have also featured in the last three series of the BBC1 drama, Last Tango in Halifax, Ackley Bridge and Russell T. Davies’ Queer as Folk.
    Thriving by Jen Orpin

    • Susannah Pal
    • Michael Palmer
    • Nina Pancheva
    • Clare Pentlow
    • Maxine Perry
    • Linda Pieters
    • Judy Pilarczyk 
    • Jane Pine
    • Inge du Plessis
    • Marigold Plunkett
    • Hamish Pringle
    • Ewa Podles
    • Glynis Porter
    • Damien Priestly
    • Alexandra Pullen 
    • Anjali B Purkayastha 
    • Adriana Rabinovich 
    • Jaroslaw Radecki 
    • Carl Randall
    • Keira Rathbone
    • Kristin Rawcliffe 
    • Eileen Richardson
    • Marie Robinson - a contemporary realist painter who this year painted portraits of NHS Heroes during lockdown
    by Marie Robinson
    • Gill Rocca
    • Frances Roche
    • Eva Roth
    • Iness Rychlik
    • Jane Sanders
    • Behzad Sharouz 
    • Nadia Shuakat
    • Kate Sherman
    • Mike Spike
    • Willow Stacey
    • David Storey
    • Benjamin Sullivan BP Portrait Award winner 2017 plus selected 2003-2016

    • Uzma Sultan
    • A Lincoln Taber 
    • Carol Tarn - an oil painter specialising in portraiture - with a studio in North London.
    ‘Early Morning Conversation - Agra’ by Carol Tarn 
    inspired by a trip last year to India.
    • Sven Taylor
    • Liorah Tchiprout
    • Yuet Yean Teo
    • Marcia Teusink
    • Gail Theis
    • Liesel Thomas
    • Gemma Thompson
    • Julia Thompson
    • Yanko Tihov
    • Sandra Treagus
    • Paul Tuppeny
    • Elaine Turnbull
    • Kirsty Turner
    • Joseph Urie
    • Harland Viney
    • Luke Vinnecombe

    • Gertie Young
    • Jane Young
    • Johanna Zhang

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