Monday, February 17, 2020

Insurance Policies for Art Teachers

I've developed a new resource page about Insurance for Art Teachers.

Do you teach art? Or have you ever thought about teaching art outside a state school setting?
Was insurance one of the things you thought about when planning your first workshop or art class?

It almost certainly wasn't - and yet developing independent art classes - in your own home, in the student's home or on third party premises can be a very risky business - and the liability very often lies with you. If you're not properly covered by insurance your personal assets could be 'at risk'.

The NEW PAGE on my Art Business Info for Artists website covers:
  • Insurance Risks for Teachers
  • No Insurance - what can happen
  • Do you need insurance to run an art class?
  • UK Insurance Policies for Art Teachers
In due course, I aim to identify insurance policies specifically designated for art teachers elsewhere in the world - and for this is I need your help. 

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to tell me:

  • the country you live in
  • the name of the insurance provider
  • the name of the policy
  • a URL link to the policy
  • details of the type of specific cover it provides for
    • art teachers or
    • art classes
    • which country

More about Insurance for Artists

This page adds to my current resources which are:

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