Monday, August 29, 2016

Art Collectors and Instagram

Art collectors love Instagram.
  • In terms of posting - it's a place where they can show off their own art collections - but don't need to write anything much beyond a few relevant hashtags
  • In terms of browsing - it offers an excellent opportunity to find art they like and art they want to buy.  

Art Collectors on Instagram

Do you know how art collectors use Instagram?

You might find it surprising that according to an Artsy Survey
Over 50% of collectors have purchased works from artists they discovered on Instagram
This relates to a survey done by Artsy about how art collectors use Instagram. It targeted known art collectors - some with collections of 100+ pieces - who were known users of Instagram.

Results were reported in two articles.

How Collectors Use Instagram to Buy Art RECOMMENDED READ

Key findings from the collectors using Instagram who were surveyed are:
  • 73% like Instagram as they believe it makes the art market more transparent. Certain galleries have always limited images and the data that collectors have access to and encouraged mystique - and this is blown apart by Instagram!
  • 87% check Instagram more than twice a day 
  • 55% open the app 5 or more times a day
  • more than half (55%) post on Instagram multiple times a week (I'm left wondering whether these are the same people who actively check and buy using Instagram)
  • 30% post about works they're thinking of buying
  • 64% said the majority of accounts they follow are art-related
  • 61% consistently look at an artist’s hashtag
  • 51.5% have purchased work from artists they originally discovered through Instagram
  • 31% have bought art they originally saw on InstagramThat's a staggeringly high hit rate!
Charts of Artsy Survey Results

7 Ways to Win Over Collectors on Instagram

This article looks at how artists can seek to engage with collectors.

Key points to note are:
  • collectors are more likely to follow the individual account of a gallery owner than the generic account of the gallery
  • collectors like to search for an artist by hashtag (the survey speculates that some 94% do this at some point). The hashtag has the advantage of bringing together items from different sources - managed and unmanaged!
  • collectors need to know the addresses and hashtags that tell them how to find/reach artist and/or gallery
  • collectors like a response to their comments
  • collectors like browsing in the evening - between 6pm and 11pm
  • collectors unfollow those who post too much - or too much of the same thing (it's just plain boring!)
  • collectors love the stuff which goes on behind the scenes - so not just the unfinished product but the story of how it came about.

Note: The articles were written by Elena Soboleva (@elenasoboleva) is a contemporary art Specialist at @Artsy.

Who are the art collectors?

You might like to take a look at two posts that Larry's List published towards the end of last year about their perspective  on the Top 50 Art Collectors on Instagram. I'm guessing it's probably due for an update....

Note: The choice is as per Claire Bouchara - who used to be content manager for the site.

More about artists and Instagram coming up in the near future.....

(Meanwhile I continue with my staycation with himself / getting ready for an art exhibition!)


Billie Crain said...

Interesting! I look forward to part 2!

Jennifer Rose said...

this is actually very helpful right now since I am trying to use Instagram more :)

over-ez said...

Good post as I am new to Instagram am sure it gonna help me..

Unknown said...

Thank you, Katherine, as always very helpful and bang on for relevance. I am behind the game here, but wishing to catch up and not just totter blindly in the rear but be strategic. Time's limited for everyone; it looks as if Instagram has something Facebook and Twitter don't offer in terms of promoting your art. Which we all have to do. So I look forward to your next episode. And have just begun to Instagram!

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