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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015: Selected Artists

The names of the 58 selected artists for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 have been announced.  Each has had one work selected apart from one artist who has had three selected.
The Jerwood Drawing Prize is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK
You can read more about the competition in my earlier blog post Jerwood Drawing Prize: Call for Entries (18 May 2015).

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015: Selected Artists

The names of the selected artists - and links to their websites are detailed below.

The website link is my best guess from what I can find in a relatively short space of time. If I've got it wrong please let me know - comment on this post or send me an email (see side column) and I'll revise it.

As always I am completely amazed at how the 'art' gene seems to have bypassed vast swathes of people whose surnames start with letters in the second half of the alphabet!
  • 40 selected artists (69%) have surnames which start with letters in the A-M range and 
  • 18 selected artists (31%) have surnames which start with letters in the N-Z range
I make this point every time I see a range of names which vary very significantly from a 'normal' distribution. Maybe artists with names in the second half of the alphabet have given up applying for art competitions?

I've included below images from artists who have announced which drawings have been selected for the exhibition.

If anybody else would like their selected image included in this post please send me a jpeg (see contact details) and reference where I can see this on your website.

The selected artists for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 Exhibition are listed below. If you've ever needed some stimulation for revamping your website you should try looking at some of their websites  - links are embedded in their names.

After Joseph Beuys' Wirtschaftswerte (Economic Values) by Bryan Eccleshall
16 panels = 100 cm x 100 cmif you click the above link you can read about the process used to construct this drawing of a painting

  • Mark Farhall previously exhibited in Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010
  • Craig Fisher
  • Nina Fowler - shortlisted for Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2008. These are some of her past exhibitions - so much more interesting that a list. Why don't more artists list their exhibitions like this?
  • Thomas Gosebruch - he has his own particular interpretation of the word 'drawing'
Drawing by Roland Hicks
selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 Exhibition

An example of Lois Landmead's work from her studies at Glasgow School of Art 
This is 'Anatomical Glove' - Glass beads of the dorsal venous network sewn onto a lady's evening glove.

This is a video of Gary Lawrence talking about how he produces his drawings
It includes a second version of his drawing which won in 2011

'Cutcomb Poleroid' by Grace McMurray
coloured pencil on graph paper


Announcement of Prizewinners

Prizes will be announced and awarded to the winning artists at the preview on 15 September 2015.

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 Exhibition

Dates: 16 September–25 October 2015
Address: Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN
Opening Times: Mon–Fri from 10am–5pm, Sat & Sun from 10am–3pm
Admission: Free
Nearest Tube: Southwark, London Bridge or Borough
Twitter: #JDP15 @JerwoodJVA

The exhibition will start in London and then tour across the UK. You can see it at:
  • Jerwood Space, London from 16 September – 25 October 2015
  • Cheltenham Art Gallery (21 November 2015 - 31 January 2016), 
  • Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury (11 February - 9 April 2016), and 
  • Falmouth Art Gallery (23 April - 25 June 2016).

Jerwood Drawing Prize Events

Jerwood Visual Arts will host a series of evening events to accompany the exhibition. Events are free but must be booked in advance, for more information please check the Jerwood Visual Arts website.

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