Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Wapping Group of Artists - Annual Exhibition 2015

It's been a little while since I last saw the Annual Exhibition of The Wapping Group of Artists. The names of some of the members have changed however their emphasis on representation and the places they paint have not.

Paintings in the Annual Exhibition of the Wapping Group of Artists
Paintings in the Annual Exhibition of the Wapping Group of Artists
- at the Mall Galleries (North Gallery)
The Group was formed in 1946 as a group of plein air painters. They meet once a week in summer - in all weathers - to paint along the banks of the River Thames from Henley out to the estuary and the Kent and Essex coastlines.

This year is their 12th annual exhibition to be held at the Mall Galleries. They're in the North Gallery which suits the size of their paintings well. Below you can see a sample of the paintings in the show.

Paintings by Alan Runagall RSMA
Paintings by Roy Hammond
These are watercolours - although I thought I detected a tad of pastel
Pastel drawings by Rick Holmes
I do admire a good plein air painting. I'm never quite sure whether all the paintings in the exhibition are plein air. While some evidently are there are others which seem to have been worked up from plein air studies. It would be nice to know which is which.

Paintings by John Stillman ARSMA
One aspect which I find stimulating about the exhibition is that it provides inspiration for new places to visit and sketch!

Watercolour paintings by Paul Banning RI RSMA
Paintings by Trevor Chamberlain
Although I've always had this group mentally 'tagged' as a group ring-fenced to male painters I note that in fact this year there are two female candidates for membership!

The exhibition continues at the Mall Galleries until 4pm on Saturday 21st February.

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  1. These are really inspirational.. I really should pack my gear and get out and do some plein air myself!


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