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UK National Art Societies: 2011 Open Exhibitions - dates and deadlines

This is my annual post about all the Major Open Exhibitions by National Art Societies in the UK.
The definition of an Open Exhibition is that any artist may submit work to be shown in the exhibition. You don't need to be a member of the relevant art society
The list excludes

Organisation of exhibitions - what happens where
Mall Galleries Receiving Day at 17 Carlton House Terrace
In the UK, a significant number of the leading national art societies are affiliated to the Federation of British Artists based at Carlton House Terrace and the exhibitions are held at the Mall Galleries.

Two major exceptions are the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers which exhibit at the Bankside Gallery next to Tate Modern.  (Note:  There are no details about submission to the RSPP open)

A number of non-FBA national art societies also choose to avail themselves of the facilities at the Mall Galleries and both submissions and open exhibitions are held at the Mall Galleries.

Other national societies choose to administer their open exhibitions themselves and locate their exhibitions at other locations and galleries in London and around the country.

Exhibitions : Deadlines, Venues and Dates
    This year I'm ecstatic that the Mall Galleries/FBA have created an Exhibition Planner as part of their Call for Entries Guide for Artists.  This lists both the submission days and the dates for every exhibition which they run (but not for all exhibitions at the Mall Galleries)

    Below is a summary table of the deadlines for the various art society exhibitions.   Note that the Pastel Society will get the benefit of all the decorations in the Mall for the Royal Wedding at the end of April!

    Details of all the Societies are available in Art Societies in the UK - Resources for Artists 
    A note of dates / relevant links are available in Art Society Exhibitions (UK) - Resources for Artists

    Art competition

    Deadline dates 2011

    2011 Exhibition dates

    Entry form/payment: 12th January
    Bankside Gallery – see below

    14-15 January
    Mall Galleries:  2-12 March
    (PV 1 March)
    28-29 January
    Mall Galleries: 30 March – 10 April (PV 29 March)
    12 February (London) + regional (earlier)
    Bankside Gallery: 18 February – 10 March
    14 February 2011
    Westminster Central Hall
    8 April -  17 April
    18 – 19 February
    Mall Galleries: 20 April – 1 May (PV 19 April)
    18 – 19 March
    Mall Galleries: 5 – 20 May (PV 4 May)
    RSPP International Submissions
    9 February re digital image
    18 March for artwork

    Sculpture Photo deadline: 15 March
    Sculpture (invited: 27 April
    Transport agent deliveries: 28 March
    Glazed works (watercolours, prints, drawings, etc): 28 and 29 March
    Unglazed works (oils, acrylics, etc): 30 and 31 March
    Architecture: 28 April
    Royal Academy of Arts
    7 June – 15 August
    15 – 16 April
    Mall Galleries:
    30 June – 9 July
    9 May

    4 June
    Mall Galleries: 2 – 7 August

    11 June
    Westminster Central Hall
    19 September – 1 October
    To be announced
    Mall Galleries
    July 2011?
    15 – 16 July
    Mall Galleries: 24 August – 3 September
    1 August

    12 – 13 August
    Mall Galleries: 12-23 October (PV 11 October)
    20th August
    Mall Galleries:
    11 - 23 October
    Submission date to be announced
    Llewellyn Alexander Gallery:
    26 August - 16 September
    Deadline to be announced
    Menier Gallery: 3 – 15 October
    11 – 12 September
    Mall Galleries:
    27 October – 5 November
    30 September – 1 October
    Mall Galleries: 25 November – 4 December (PV 24 November)
    28-29 October
    Mall Galleries: 7-18 December (PV 6 December)
    1.     FBA at CHT:  Mall Galleries / Federation of British Artists – work to be submitted to basement at FBA HQ in Carlton House Terrace.  £12 fee per work submitted / no hanging fee Link to registration and regional hand-in submission info
    2.     LA Gallery:  Llewellyn Alexander Gallery 124 -126 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LN UK (opposite the Old Vic Theatre)
    3.     Bankside:  Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London, SE1 9JH


    Federation of British Artists

    For all FBA member shows administered by the FBA:
    • the call for entries, eligibility criteria for all submissions and details - for each Society - of how to submit for the the FBA shows plus certain others administered by the FBA are all available right now in the Mall Galleries Call for Entries 2011 Leaflet. (pdf file)
    • The General Guidance for all Mall Galleries exhibitions is available on the websit.  There are links to the websites of all other art societies which vary as to how much information they provide at this point in the year.
    • You can Download the Registration Pack (Pdf file) - which provides the registration form (submitted with all framed works), labels and general guidance for all exhibitions  Alternatively you can also obtain these documents by writing to the FBA.

    You can also download a pdf version of my summary exhibition document - which provides more detail about ALL the exhibitions - from my website.

    See also my blog post about the location of the Mall Galleries and its two doors - The Mall Galleries has two doors!

    (Many thanks to Suz for identifying the misleading column heading - now corrected)


      Jeanette Jobson said...

      Its such a good idea to have them all listed here by date. It allows some planning ahead.

      I hope to do something similar here to help plan my year. Just finding the information here is the challenge. It all seems to be done on the spur of the moment at times!

      adebanji said...

      Thanks ever so much for just putting them all in one place! Highly appreciated!

      Making A Mark said...

      I knew there were going to be a few artists who would particularly appreciate this post - and you were one of them! :)

      It also means I've got a reminder for visiting all the exhibitions for the reviews I do!

      Marion Boddy-Evans said...

      Hi Katherine

      Also coming up very soon are Essa's open exhibitions:
      Society Scottish Artists, Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, and Visual Arts Scotland

      Making A Mark said...

      Thanks for the links Marion

      I sat down to do the art competition one yesterday and suddenly realised that I'd meant to include the other national art societies - those in Scotland in particular - this year and had not left myself a note and hence had totally forgotten to include them

      I think I'm going to give them a post all to themselves rather than update this one.

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