Monday, January 17, 2011

Out to Lunch

Now that got your attention didn't it? :)

I need to take some time out.

National Dining Rooms 15 October 2010
8" x 10" pen and ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Yesterday my oven and microwave both decided to stop working properly within an hour of one another in the middle of cooking the Sunday Roast.

I kid you not.  I've heard of solidarity but this is ridiculous - one is gas and the other is electric! ;)

I confess I did utter expletives as I first tried to complete a half cooked meal and some more as I then thought about what I need to do next.

It's even less fun when you start to realise how impossible it is to get what you need when you need it now - right after Christmas when stocks are low!  Get the picture?  It vies for top awful kitchen equipment story of all time with the year when my fridge freezer packed up without any prior notice three days before Christmas.

So today I'm going to be off scouring the internet and the stores for new equipment and then arranging for it to be delivered and fixed up.

While I'm at it I'm also going to take the opportunity for short break as I've had a lot of "stuff" on my metaphorical plate of late and need both a breather and time to pay attention to other matters which need sorting and fixing.

Back soon.


  1. Sorry about your appliance woes. It seems that they conspire in threes. Lets hope the others didn't hear!

    Enjoy your break.

  2. Hang in there, Katherine, and yes, time off sounds GREAT. YOU deserve it--

    And as I recall you'd been having computer woes, too...BREAK TIME!

  3. Oh how awful. Good luck with the replacements.

    Enjoy your break.

  4. hope all is restored to better than before conditions, we all need to be out to lunch sometimes!

  5. The good news - the replacement microwave is sat on my hall floor waiting for me to remove the old one and get the new one unpacked. It's the newer version of the one I bought last time so I won't even have to learn a new pattern for finger jabbing!

    The bad news - they don't make cookers the same size as my existing one!

    Plus apparently the VAT increase caused everybody to go and order a cooker just before Christmas!

  6. Thanks for giving me food for thought (if not a roast dinner) regarding the importance of titles. Here's to a more interesting (sounding?) future of blog titles.

  7. Wow! What luck! I suppose I'm glad I own a Weber grill...You can always cook on that - even through armageddon. Nice sketch!

  8. Thanks! :)

    There was a point where I was thinking of hiking down the road to a friends with half-cooked dinner in dishes to finish it off!


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