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The Jerwood Drawing Prize - how to enter

Online registration for the Jerwood Drawing Prize opened today.

What is the Jerwood Drawing Prize?

The Jerwood Drawing Prize is part of Jerwood Visual Arts, a major initiative of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Established in 1994, and held annually since 1996, it is the longest standing annual open exhibition dedicated to drawing practice in the UK.

The aims and objectives of the Jerwood Drawing Prize project are to:

  • promote the discipline of drawing
  • provide a forum for the exhibition of current drawing practice;
  • gain knowledge and understanding about drawing through a 'survey' of artists currently making work within the discipline
  • situate this discourse within the academic and research context of an art school
  • support and recognise the work of all artists in the field of drawing as an emerging discipline, including that of established artists and that of emerging artists engaged in the discipline of drawing.
In other words if you're familiar with the the sort opf surveys of contemporary drawing practice found in books like Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing or The Drawing Book, you'll be familiar with the type of drawing which tends to find favour.

You can also see some of the drawings which have won in the past in The Jerwood Drawing Archive

Art societies which focus on drawing might care to take a look at the scope of work (below) which can be entered for this prestigious prize.

How do I enter?

You can download details of the Jerwood Drawing Prize from the Parker Harris website.

Unfortunately I think there's a bit of a problem with the format/size of some of the webpages and/or images as it's taking an inordinately long time for pages to load.

These are the links - do go and make yourself a pot of tea while you wait for them to load!
Am I eligible to enter? This is an open competition which is open to all artists resident or domiciled in the UK

What can I enter? The nature of the exhibition is to generate debate about contemporary drawing practice and therefore work in any media is eligible for entry, if the artist considers it as drawing.
  • Video and film works are acceptable.
  • Only work made since January 2009 is eligible for entry.
  • The maximum size of works accepted for submission is 2m x 2.5m, including frame.
  • Composite drawings must be presented within one frame. This is to ensure that the selection panel can view the work in its entirety.
  • Work should be framed to ensure that the delicate surfaces of the submitted drawings are protected in the normal course of handling (however unframed works will be considered - see Help and FAQs)
  • Frames MUST be durable for handling purposes; metal frames and clip frames will NOT be accepted for submission. All projections (including mirror plates, d-rings and picture wire) MUST be removed from frames before submission.
All works selected for exhibition will be retained by the Jerwood Drawing Prize until the exhibition at Jerwood Space in September 2010, and subsequent national tour until early Summer 2011. So it's probably not adviseable to submit work you've already sold as you're not going to see it again for a year! ;)

How many drawings can I enter (and what does it cost)?
Up to three drawings can be entered costing from £18 for one drawing to £28 for three drawings.

How many drawings are entered (and how many get selected)? Up to 2,700 drawings may be entered. From this the selection panel have to choose between 40 and 50 drawings for the exhibition.

What's the deadline? 5pm, Monday 21 June 2010

How do I submit work? An on-line registration process is used to reduce paper usage and speed up the application process.

The ‘Submissions & Collections Timetable’ PDF can be downloaded from the Downloads/Links section of competition website. Dates for the London submission of pre-registered works: 2 and 3 July 2010.

Unselected works will be available for collection from Wimbledon College of Art on either Friday 9 July 2010, 10am to 4pm, or Saturday 10 July 2010, 10am to 2pm.

Who judges the entries? The annual exhibition is selected by a selection panel of three independent experts, usually an artist, a writer or critic and a museum or gallery director or curator, who also change each year to reflect differing priorities and focus for the drawing within the exhibitions.

Each year the selection panel is actively encouraged to collectively consider and define the nature and boundaries of drawing in order to create criteria for the selection of their show.

The selected exhibition will consist of works that in the opinion of the Selection Panel qualify as drawings.

Are there any awards?
There are two student awards, a first and second prize.
  • First Prize of £6000
  • Second Prize of £3000
  • Two Student Awards of £1000 each.
Selected student submissions are only identified to the panel after the first two awards have been decided, and students are eligible to win any of the awards.

When's the exhibition?
The exhibition is from 29 September until 7 November 2010 at the Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN

Education events are held during the course of the exhibition. The exhibition subsequently tours to 4 or 5 further venues in the UK.

I've got a query! For further information or answers to general enquiries not covered by the FAQs, please contact the Exhibition Co-ordinators: Parker Harris



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