Saturday, April 24, 2010

Society of Botanical Artists 2010 Prizewinners

This post highlights the botanical artists winning the various awards at the 2010 Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists - which closes tomorrow.

The banner for the Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition hanging outside Central Hall Westminster, with Westminster Abbey in the background.

The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award

This is a legacy award which this year went to Angela Stanford for a very large painting of an ornamental gourd.

Cucurbita peo - Ornamental Gourd 1 (gouache) by Anglea Stanford

The President's award for work in other media

The President's cash prize for work in media other than watercolour was awarded to Alison Holt Assoc SBA for Chartreuse (freehand machine embroidery ob painted silk). She's an artist who is enormously talented in machine embroidery. I didn't realise at first that it was embroidery at all.

The Margaret Stevens Award

This award for an artist whose work reflects their concern for the environment is awarded in 2010 to Marta Chirino SBA GM for Aquatic Plants (a drawing in ink). This is a link to a one person exhibition she had in Madrid in 2009

Aquatic Plants by Marta Chirino SBA, GM

The St Cuthberts Mill Award

Paper to the value of £100 has been given for an outstanding watercolour painting by Julia Trickey FCPGFS GM for watercolour painting of an Oal Leaf in Autumn at five times its actual size. Ms Trickey teaches workshops for those wanting to learn about botanical painting near Bath for beginners and improvers.

Quercus rober - Oak Leaf in Autumn x 5 by Julie Trickey

The Margaret Grainger Memorial Silver Bowl

The award is given to the best painting by a member elected in the previous two years. This year it was won by Eiko Hamada SBA GM CBM'09 who was admitted to full membership as a result of her entries in last year's show.

The image below shows all five works that she entered

Botanical artwork by Eiko Hamada SBA GM CBM'09

The Daler-Rowney Choice Award
Products from the Daler Rowney Catelogue for an award chosen by Daler Rowney went to Susan Dalton SBA CBM '03 and '04

The Society of Botanical artists Certificate of Botanical Merit

A number of artists won Certificates of Botanical Merit. The images are a sample of the work.

Passion Flower Bits (watercolour) by Tina Bone Assoc SBA

Sarracenia purpurea Huntsman's Cup (watercolour) by Beth Phillip
Cydonia oblonga 'Vranja' - Quince (coloured pencil) by Janie Pirie

If you would like to know more about Botanical Art and/or learn how to paint botanical art

EITHER see the website of the Society of Botanical Artists for a list of course tutors who are also SBA members or details of the distance learning diploma course

AND/OR check out all the links to resources listed in my information sites below


  1. All the work is stunning. I have so much respect for Botanical Art. It seems to me to be having a bit of a resurgence. Is this true?

  2. I would say so.

    I think it's helped in part by the advent of the Internet and the fact that people are now so much more aware of what is out there and how many people are painting botanical art.


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