Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who's been selected for the ING Discerning Eye 2008?

Yesterday, the artists selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition from an open submission were announced. You can find their names on the Parker Harris website and below. All artists have one work selected unless otherwise indicated. Artists can find the number of the accepted submission in the list posted on the website of the organisers Parker Harris.

I'm not sure how many artists and entries were received but I counted 177 artists who have been selected and 275 works which have been accepted for the exhibition in November. I've posted all the names of the artists as I'd love to hear from people as to any names they recognise - I've spotted some I know - but there are lots and lots that I don't!

I'm also hoping I can come back to this post when I have time and include links to their websites as I did for the RWS/Sunday Times exhibition list of selected artists. I've included just a few so far at names which jumped out at me - including two members of UKCPS (one for the blog I think Bob!) . I know lots of people really appreciate being able to see the nature of the work done by artists accepted for these prestigious exhibitions.

You can read more about the exhibition and the jurors in my earlier post ING Discerning Eye 2008 - deadline 6th September.

The exhibition is at the Mall Galleries 13th-23rd November 2009. The selected artists from the open submission for the 2008 ING Discerning Eye exhibition are:

A’Court, Angela (2 works)
Adams, Elena (4 works)
Allen-Kidd, Michael
Aslin, Roger
Bailey, Belinda
Balaam, Louise (3 works)
Ball, Trinidad
Bancroft, Shelly
Banks, Lesley (2 works)
Bartholomew, Helen
Beattie, Nicola
Berrill, Lynne (2 works)
Blagg, Marcia (3 works)
Bogicevic, Mira
Bowles, Sasha
Bowyer, Francis (2 works)
Brason, Paul
Brennan, Jessie (2 works)
Broad, Anthony
Brown, Richard (2 works)
Brown, Susan
Button, Candy (3 works)
Campbell, Oona (2 works)
Chaston, Edwina
Clarke, Jeff (2 works)
Clossick, Peter
Collins, Julie (3 works)
Cooke, Andria (2 works)
Cooke, Townly
Cooper, David
Cowan, James (3 works)
Craig, Gary
Croucher, Cyril (3 works)
Crowther, James
Cull, Michael
Cullinan, Caroline (2 works)
Cunnew, Robert
Dakin, Hannah
Davis, Emma (2 works)
Daynes, Chris
De La Hey, Louise
Dean, Bill (3 works)
Dobie, Judith
Doherty, Mary
Dokotliver, Miriam
Dolby, Tim (2 works)
Dunne, Hilary
Duval Timothy
Eastland, Roy (3 works)
Edser, Michael
Edwards, Craig (4 works)
Ellis, Leanne
Ellwood, Derek
Esslemont, Peter
Evans, Gethin
Ewart, Michael
Flexman, Tia (4 works)
Foxton, Paul (2 works)
Frazer, Rhiannon
Gajowniczek, Irek
Gardner, Judith (4 works)
Garrett, Roger
Gerrie, Pamela
Gibbs, Stephen (3 works)
Gildea, Paul
Gleeson, David (2 works)
Goudy, Carolyn
Gould, David (2 works)
Green, Jonathan
Gregory-Smith, Emily
Hamilton, Julia (2 works)
Haslam Fox, Peter (2 works)
Hickman, Jill
Hodgson, Gill
Hogan, Eileen
Holtom, R
Hope, Sarah
Hunt, Kate (2 works)
Irwin, Marcus
James Massey, Anne SWA UKCPS (President of the UK Coloured Pencil Society)
James, Poppy (3 works)
Johnson, Michael
Jones, Frederick
Jones, Lesley (3 works)
Kelly, Peter
Klein, Anita (2 works)
Koch, Clarrisa (3 works)
Kubecki, Terry
Lafirenze, Mario
Lawton, Michael (2 works)
Layden, Kate
Lever, Ann
Lewinhaupt, Anne
Lintine, David (2 works)
Little, Kathy
Loveday, Ross (5 works)
Luchenstein, Keren ( 2 works)
Mackavoy, Susan
Mann, Frances
Martin, David
Martin, David (2 works)
Matthews, Zara
McAdam Clarke, C (3 works)
McKiuragan, Terry
Mclaurin, Pat
McMahon, Tommy
McMillan, Margaret
McPartland, Robert
Milton, Graham
Monk, Simon
Morton, Keith
Murr, Leyla
Newberry, John
Palmer, Juliet
Parkinson, Stephen
Patton, Cilla
Pearce, David (2 works)
Pearcey, Rachel
Pitchford, Val
Ponsonby, Caroline ( 2 works)
Porter, Glynis (2 works)
Porter, Harriet ( 2 works)
Prabhakar, L
Pryymak, Olha
Randall Davies, David
Record, Rupert
Richards, Timothy
Riley, Katherin (2 works)
Riley, Simon (2 works)
Rizvi, Jacqueline RBA RWS NEAC
Robinson, Jean
Roles, Suzanne
Rose, Shelley
Rossberg, Sara
Rylands, Alison
Sabokbar, Mahnoush (2 works)
Segura, Gabrielal Denny (2 works)
Shankland, Stephen (2 works)
Shart, Patrick
Sidaway, Ian (2 works)
Slee, Colin (3 works)
Smith, Rosemary (2 works)
Smith, Simon (2 works)
Stone, David
Styles, Marie
Sullivan, Joseph
Swanson, Graeme
Swift, Graham (5 works)
Taber, Jacqueline (3 works)
Taylor, Michael
Taylor, S
Taylor, Susan
Terry, Karl (2 works)
Theodorou, Patricia
Thompson, Chris
Thompson, Joy
Thornber, Edwin (2 works)
Tidnam, Nick
Tihov, Yanko (2 works)
Torrence, Abi (2 works)
Tournay-Godfrey, Delia
Tsakova, Nadia
Turpin, Louis (2 works)
Twomey, Eithne (2 works)
Uribe-gutierrez, M
Varney, Benjamin
Waldie, William (2 works)
Waters, Judith
Whale, Sue (2 works)
Whaley, Ann Marie
White, Michael B (3 works)
White, Spike (3 works)
Winder-Boyle, Ann (2 works)
Woodman, John
Woolley, Jim
Wrigglesworth, Nick



  1. Congrats to Paul Foxton who has worked very hard and has documented it all on his fantastic blog.. really wonderful news

  2. yey! I was the lucky one to get in with this picture: Can't wait to get to know the other artist on the list!


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