Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feedburner drops its own email subscribers from count

If any of you think your subscriber statistics are looking a little odd this morning, you'd be right. Feedburner appears to have dropped all the people who subscribe to my blog via Feedburner emails from the subscriber count widget (top right)

Funnily enough, if I go into my Feedburner account I've got 852 subscribers (from all sorts of sources) so this is a new one on me - a widget which is completely out of synch with the Feedburner account. Normally when a malfunction occurs they're both in synch.

More importantly, if you didn't get your e-mail yesterday or this morning could you let me know please via a comment in this blog post.

1 comment:

Chris Bellinger said...

It also looks as if My Blog list is not working as The sevice uses Feedburner?