Monday, September 10, 2007

Artists in History - Resources for Art Lovers

One of the benefits of the projects I've been doing this year is the opportunity to identify, in a very focused way, links to resources about artists I'm interested in. I then wanted to organise these for future reference and also so they can be shared with other people interested in these artists. As a result I've started some new squidoo lenses about the life and art of individual artists. I've also created a new squidoo group as an access portal to the lenses as a whole Artists in History - Resources for Art Lovers. (

[UPDATED:  This site has now been deleted - the new version is About Artists]

The main purpose of the lenses is to create a place where I can have one site with all the links to information and/or books about that artist - which I can then share with other people (like yourselves - or people who want to buy me books as Christmas presents!). At present, links are either scattered across various blog posts or included in - but in no particular order. The advantage of the squidoo lens is the facility it offers to organise the links.

Here are the links to the squidoo lenses I've created so far. Please note that these are all still be ing updated on a regular basis but have now got enough 'clothing' on to come out in public:
I've got a number of other new lenses also under construction which relate to artists. I'm currently extracting links from blog posts and organising then within their individual lenses. Squidoo lenses will shortly be coming on line for:
  • Georgia O'Keeffe - Resources for Art Lovers
  • James McNeill Whistler - Resources for Art Lovers
I'm also planning to develop lenses on JMW Turner, Degas, and Edward Hopper - as well as for other artists and themes which will feature in next year's plan. I guess I'm trying to get slightly ahead of myself so that I've done more of the searching for links and books prior to the month of the project.

I was also rather pleased to see that my two existing squidoo groups are currently at the top of Squidoo's list of popular Arts and Literature Group. I guess that won't last long - unless I keep updating them! ;)

If you've not explored them before just click on the following links to find out more.


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Rose Welty said...

Katherine, these are great. I had a poke around this afternoon. They will be a great resource - nice job not letting all that research go to waste!

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