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16th September: Who's made a mark this week? (Part 1)

Winner of Staedtler Award and Picture of the Year,
6th Annual Open International Exhibitions, UKCPS

Leslie Evans
51cm x 41cm, coloured pencil on black paper
Image is copyright property of Leslie Evans, All Rights Reserved and not to be used without permission


To all the award winners as featured in the website display of the 6th annual Open International exhibition of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society.

As last year, the top prize this year goes to an American. Leslie Evans from Texas, USA (whose work I have previously featured on this blog) got the Picture of the Year Award for Silverback (which you can see as a WIP in this thread). I met Leslie/Chisaii at the CPSA awards dinner last year - I guess if she does as well next year I may get to meet her again in Bristol in October next year (see below)!

"Fiesta Orange"
First Prize

6th Annual Open International Exhibitions, UKCPS
Nicole Caulfield
45cm x 15cm, coloured pencil on pastelbord
copyright Nicole Caulfield, all rights reserved

My good pal Nicole Caulfield of Fine Line Artists and New Hampshire, USA won first prize with Fiesta Orange. Having got the digital image for that particular entry on to a CD along with my own and sent off to Pat (always helpful) Heffer, the Exhibition Secretary I feel a bit like a proud foster Mum! Nicole says I can pick her prize up for her too which will be rather nice!

You can also see the rest of award winners, those who got an honorable mention and the rest of the entries in the exhibition on the exhibition page. (mine's down the bottom!). The exhibition sponsored by Staedtler(UK) Ltd., opened yesterday and takes place in the Barn Gallery at the Patchings Farm Arts Centre, Calverton, Nottingham, from September 15th to October 14th 2007. The jury for this year's exhibition were Ann Kullberg, CPSA, Gallery owner Liz Wood, and Brian Fletcher, nominated by Staedtler (UK) Ltd. All the paintings (except those marked NFS) are for sale via the Barn Gallery.

It seems to me that the overall quality of entry has improved this year - but I think the time has maybe come for UKCPS to consider whether it should maybe limit entries actually exhibited to one per person (as CPSA does) if the exhibition is to grow and expand in both the number of participants and its reputation. I've been talking to people who currently don't enter this exhibition and I know of at least five very well known names who might be considering an entry for next year. It is of course up to them whether they do or not so I won't say who they are here!

If you would like a date for your diary, the UKCPS Open International Exhibition in 2008 will be held at the Royal West of England Gallery, Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol and will take place from Wednesday 3rd--28th October, with the Private View on the 5th October. And the one for 2009 will be in Birmingham from 20th September to 3rd October 2009.

Art Competitions
  • But what happens to people after they've won? ;) The Guardian did interviews last weekend with all the previous prizewinners of the Turner Prize - here's the online version.
  • "House" (Rachel Whiteread's entry in 1993) was located in the area of London where I live and I used to drive past it on a regular basis. The entry relating to that episode of theTurner Prize is especially interesting.
Art Blogger groups
  • Rose Welty, Belinda Lindhardt, Jo Castillo, and Kasie Sallee have announced that they are forming Fine Art Friends. Here's wishing you all of you the very best with your new art group and your endeavours generally.
  • Is there anybody else out there thinking of doing something similar? If so, do let me know as my Fine Line Artists friends and I have been thinking about doing an article about our own experience and would quite like to know whether there's likely to be an audience for it.
I'm rather busy this weekend, have a logistical problem tomorrow and wanted to give some priority to the UKCPS exhibition in this post, so I'll posting Part 2 of my weekly 'round-up' blog post tomorrow morning.


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  1. I left a congrats at Nicole's blog. She is certainly deserving of this top award, and I am enriched by my knowing her and her art.

    I am interested in this type of group, as it's evident that yours is a productive one for you (and a value to us!). Please do write a post about it, including the scope and goals of these things.

    The artists that I know personally are mostly from the art fair circuit and many don't blog. Perhaps a group blog for those who don't want the commitment?


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