Botanical Art and Artists

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  • my archive of past posts on this blog about the annual exhibitions of the Society of Botanical Artists - from 2006-2016

Botanical Art and Artists

This is my website about Botanical Art and ArtistsA number of the aspects of botanical art that I've written about on this blog are organised on this site in topic form.
Botanical Art and Artists - Summer 2021

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Society of Botanical Art: Exhibitions 2006-2016

Details from the SBA and posts from my blog Making A Mark

Every year I visit the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists at Central Hall, Westminster in London. I then write up a comprehensive review of what is on display - with images of artwork - and who's won the prizes (with links to websites where available).

Below you can find links to the exhibitions on the SBA website and all my blog posts relating to the exhibition.

2016 - Shape, Pattern and Structure

2015 - In Pursuit of Plants

2014 - The Botanical Garden

2013 - The Language of Flowers

2012 - Botanical Celebration

2011 - The World of Plants

2010 - The Silver Jubilee

2009 - Flowers and Gardens

2008 - the Botanical Palette

2007 -Flowers and Gardens


  • The Society of Botanical Artists To become an Associate you must have submitted five works and had ALL five works accepted for two consecutive years: that is 10 out of 10 paintings accepted in total over two successive years. 
  • Review of the SBA Exhibition (2006) (April 2006) I visited the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition yesterday and was totally blown away by the very fine quality of most of the artwork shown. There are some very impressive and accomplished artists exhibiting with the SBA - including

Botanical Art and Artists

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Botanical Art and Artists - May 2017
Botanical Art and Artists - January 2017

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