Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Beyond Realism: Figurative Art in Spain and China

I spotted an amazing reel on Miriam Escofet's Instagram account about the opening of Beyond Realism: Figurative Art in Spain and China

I highly recommend you watch it for:

  • the wonderful paintings - she has done an absolutely marvellous video of the exhibition!
  • the amazing gallery in the Royal Palace in Madrid in which it's being exhibited
  • the music which just transports you to Spain!

About "Beyond Realism: Figurative Art in Spain and China"


The above includes an image of the painting by Miriam Escofet included in the exhibition.

The works presented here demonstrate the remarkable achievements of Chinese and Spanish painters over the past half-century, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This dual significance serves two important purposes: in a complex international environment, it promotes mutual understanding and trust between the two peoples; and it provides an opportunity for painters from both countries to exchange ideas and skills, fostering the prosperity of artistic culture in both nations.

The exhibition is on from 13 April to 26 May 2024. Hours are:

  • Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm (last access 6 pm)
  • Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm (last access 3 pm)

The exhibition page also includes 

  • photographs of sections of the exhibition
  • lists of the names of the Spanish artists and the Chinese artists
It almost makes me want to book a ticket! 

Note: I've written about Miriam Escofet a number of times on this blog - see various posts highlighted below
This is Miriam's website
and her Facebook Page

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