Monday, April 01, 2024

Jackson's Art Prize: Vote for the People's Choice Award

The longlist of the Jackson's Art Prize has been revealed and the shortlist will be announced on the shortlist on Friday 12th April 2024.
An amazing 15,345 submissions were entered this year, and the judging committees faced the daunting task of selecting just 426 entries to go through to the longlist. 
(Two notes:
  1. Might I be so bold as to ask why National Art Societies are not attracting this level of entry for their actual exhibitions of art - with decent prizes?
  2. Anybody noticed they've changed the title of the prize from Jackson's Painting Prize to Jackson's Art Prize?)

The People's Choice Award

The vote has now opened for the People's Choice Award - which is one of the prizes (£150 Jackson’s Art voucher) in the Jackson's Art Prize competition.

You can VIEW the longlist of artworks eligible for a vote on this link

You can also vote (see below). However be prepared for the daunting task that all Judges face - but on a much smaller scale!

How to Vote

To vote for your favourite works to win the People's Choice Award and in the spirit of operating a fair voting system, you are required to register as a voter.
  • Voting opened on 28th March and continues until 11th April. 
  • The shortlist will be announced on the 12th April.
  • you need to register with an email to vote - to prevent cheating (not that this will stop some people from trying - but there are ways of detecting cheating once you've got an email! :) )
    • You can vote for as many artworks as you like.
    • You can only vote once for each artwork.
    • If you change your mind, your vote can be revoked.
  • this is the link for where to register

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