Saturday, September 23, 2023

UPDATE: The PAOTY Guinness World Record Attempt

Two important items of information about the World Record attempt at portrait painting
  • The Date has CHANGED - from 30th September (train strike day) - to Saturday 28th October 2023 2pm - 5pm
  • To attend you need to RSVP by 25th September via the Event Link on Eventbrite
The Location remains the same: Lindley Hall in Westminter. Below is a map of the location of the RHS Lindley Hall relative to Victoria Coach Station, Waterloo Station, and the Tube Stations at Victoria, St Jame's Park, and Pimlico.

The Blue pin in the map indicates the location of the RHS Lindley Hall

The entrance - depending on which doors they open is either via the RHS HQ at 80 Vincent Square or (more likely in my opinion) via the Hall Entrance Doors in Elverton Street (around the corner).

Arrows indicate location of Entrance Doors to RHS Lindley Hall
The ones usually used for large events are the ones in Elverton Street

Here's what else you need to know

There are a few rules and regulations (not optional) that need to be observed for a world record attempt
  • You will be provided with paint (acrylics), brushes and one A3 canvas to take part
  • You will be provided with an allocated space in the hall, easels and stools will also be available
  • Each artist will be given 15-20min prep time to get comfortable/do a test run before we do the record attempt
  • Each artist will be given 60min to paint a portrait of Sir Lenny as part of the official record attempt from around 3pm
  • To set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title 
    • each artist needs to fill the canvas in proportion to the canvas size i.e. fill as least 80-90% of it with their portrait AND
    • be clearly visible as Sir Lenny (i.e. no abstract art)
So if you've not used acrylics before, now is the time to get practising because they're very different to other paints.

So if you want to attend, please click the link above. However do bear in mind 200 other people might have got there first!

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