Thursday, August 04, 2022

Melissa Scott Miller paints from Tower Bridge Walkway

Melissa Scott Miller has been painting from the Walkway at the top of Tower Bridge. This summer she's been its official Artist in Residence

Melissa is a portrait and urban landscape artist who has been commissioned by the Trust which runs Tower Bridge (which is owned by the City of London) to create a panoramic painting of the views from the West Walkway at the top of Tower Bridge - from City Hall and the Shard on the South Bank, across the Thames, to the views of the various buildings old and new in the City of London on the North Bank of the Thames

You can find out more about #ABridgewithaView and Melissa on this page
To immortalise the very same views in 2022, we have commissioned English artist Melissa Scott-Miller to paint what she sees from the West Walkway. A Bridge with A View is a celebration of London and an ode to this vibrant city. The project takes place throughout the summer, and will include public workshops and family activities. Visitors to the attraction will be able to observe Melissa painting during their visit and see how the artwork progresses.
The intention is that the painting will be 150cm x 100cm - or maybe a triptych - and that the City of London will sell the painting at a charity auction later this year.

This is a video of Melissa painting her second painting in response to the views of Tower Bridge’s West Walkway - which covers the Upper Decks of HMS belfast to the Dome of St Paul's Cathedral.

I like to be outside painting and I don’t mind people watching me, I’ve got used to that because I’ve been doing it for years now. Also, I like to paint big views. I’ve only painted the Thames a few times – generally I painted a lot of buildings, so I feel it is slightly more of a challenge because I will have to do a lot of sky and water as well.

Her Instagram account shows you some of the paintings she produced from that spot. As a result you can view the familiar subject matter is seen from an unusual perspective.

This is an audio interview with Melissa - talking about her painting generally and painting from the Bridge.

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