Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Apologies: yet more copyright infringing sites found

My apologies for break in posts again - but yet again I've uncovered more copyright infringement. Yesterday and today has been taken up with finding and reporting all the posts scraped from my website and posted on the following SCRAPER sites

My current theory is they're connected in some way as they're stealing the same content - more or less.

They've all had various posts reported to Google via the Copyright Infringement Tool

I've also identified their domain registrars via and they will be my next port of call. Interestingly one uses Namesilo which has a review titled "Happy to knowingly permit fraud"

My reason for highlighting these URLs is to warn readers that, while searching for posts infringing my copyright, I'm seeing a lot of content from other art blogs - particularly the popular ones such as 
  • Charley Parker's blog - Lines and Colors
  • Alyson Stanfield's blog - Art Biz Success
  • James Gurney's Blog - Gurney Journey
  • The Artist's Magazine
  • Saatchi Art blog
  • Parka Blogs
  • and others who can be found in "popular blog" listings
Guess why I'm not including any URLs! 

PS Copyright Making A Mar Publications
PS My blog has also been changed to a SHORT FEED- which may well change what you see in your emails if you subscribe to this blog
i.e. the scrapers can't publish what they don't get - except I think this might be manual scraping rather than automated. We shall see.....

If you want to check whether your blog is being copied.....

If it's not popular and/or does not get a lot of visitors this is unlikely.

However if you get respectable visitors to your blog each day (think hundreds or thousands of visitors) then it's a good idea to check out what's happening periodically

One of the ways of doing this is reviewing your blog stats to see if a post is suddenly very popular. While the scraper blogs remove your content - they also remove all the links and hence a link to your blog on a scraper site will NOT be generating the traffic. However a very  popular blog post might have twitched the antennae of the grubs which do steal content - who will then steal and reproduce it elsewhere.

Another way is to check a specific title or extract from text - using inverted commas either side of title or text in the search query - because that gives you a much more accurate result and enables you to find copied content faster.

Plus a very popular method is the Reverse Image Search - see How to do a Reverse Image Search

how to do a reverse image search

I'm also currently toying with the notion of 
  • using a nonsensical art-related word or sentence, 
  • then colouring it white so you can't see it and 
  • then inserting it into the post somewhere - so I can then search for that sentence online and find all scraped content.

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