Sunday, June 26, 2022

UPDATE re. copyright infringement, exhibition reviews and 'who painted this'

This post is about
  • copyright infringement and what I'm doing about it
  • exhibition reviews
  • who painted this - and whether it can continue

Copyright infringement - and what I'm doing about it

I got very fed up this week with the extent of copyright infringement experienced by this blog in recent times. There has been wholesale scraping of content with virtually all the words and pics from some posts ending up on more than one other site.

It's enough to make me want to give up.

Instead of which I've started to hammer the scrapers via Google and, on the face if it, it looks like I'm making progress but need to do more as they scraped yesterday's post

This is what now happens if somebody puts the website description into Google. Note the narrative from Google at the bottom of the page.

Spot Google's Response within Google Search
to the scammer website

So I will have to spend more time next week chasing down this toerag - and OTHERS I've also spotted - which means less time for posting about art and exhibitions!

An alternative approach to exhibitions

I'm also finding that I need to break up long posts about exhibitions into parts - as I still get tired post surgery and need to find time for all the exercise I'm doing! 

However I can mix art and exercise! 
  • I managed to walk from Green Park tube to Embankment Tube via Colnaghi, Messums and the NEAC exhibition at the Mall Galleries (6,142 steps and 4.6km walked - which is way more than I could manage pre-surgery)
  • AND collecting an artwork I bought en route - although I had to ask TFL staff for help getting up and down steps at both ends of my tube journey home!

On my way home with my recent artwork purchase!

So I'm uploading my photos of the paintings in the NEAC 2022 Exhibition - as hung on the walls of the Mall Galleries - to my Facebook Page - with commentary.  This follows the practice I started to adopt pre-surgery for much the same reason. More time for exercise means less time for reviews.

Today I uploaded the East Gallery. Tomorrow I will upload the West Gallery and then on Tuesday the North Gallery.

I'm also going back next week to have another look at the exhibition as it's on for an extra week because of the train strikes and doesn't finish until 9th July.

Who painted this?

I'm trying to work out how to continue with Who Painted this? given that these posts were being targeted by the scammer.

I've had to switch off comments as they were just sucking in spam and that was becoming VERY time-consuming to get rid of.

I'm thinking along the lines of creating a special email address just for this art challenge which would then mean that 
  • all responses to the challenge would use the email address to send in their response.
  • every time a spammer uses it within my gmail account I can then report the abuse and spam email address to Google - see
However all of this depends on my tolerance for the tedium of dealing with spammers and scammers.

I like getting results - so I'm not giving up yet. 

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