Thursday, June 30, 2022

Artists - Do you have a Profitable Side Hustle?

I know a number of artists whose taxable income comes from a portfolio of activities and income streams - and notably includes a side hustle.

I'm thinking about writing about the type of Artists' Side Hustles which have proved SUCCESSFUL in

  • diversifying the activities of a (would-be) professional artist (as in "I'm aiming to make all my income from art")
  • generating another income stream 
  • reducing the risk to your economic wellbeing when all art sales suddenly dry up.

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What is a Side Hustle?

Side Hustle is a term which has become more popular in the last decade or so - and relates essentially to 
  • ways of making extra cash 
  • PROFITABLE ways of making money
  • supplementary income in addition to your regular main source of income
i.e. if you're spending time and money on activity but it's not making you money you don't have a side hustle - you have what might very well be a total waste of time. Only time will tell. 

Although it's about making money, it's NOT about scams or fleecing people - that's called swindling!

Side Hustles can also promote creativity and learning business skills!

The different types of Artists' Side Hustle

For me the two key categories are:
  • something that relates to Art
  • everything else!
They can also be:
  • something quite conventional / employment related e.g being an art teacher 
  • something predictable in a self-employed capacity e.g. working as an illustrator or owning a frameshop 
  • something you invented yourself e.g. the workshop nobody has delivered before
  • ...and everything inbetween
Plus activities which
  • involve a third party e.g. platforms for delivering online workshops or selling "product" using your art as decoration
  • are wholly delivered by the artist e.g. Jean Basquiet making/selling signed postcards to sell (eg to Andy Warhol!)
My aim is to write initially on this blog and then 
I'd like to include specific examples in the latter - mini case studies if you like

What I'd like you to do

If you're interested in providing possible helpful content (mini case studies) for emerging artists, please let me have your contact details and a few basic details about your side hustle and I'll send you a very short questionnaire

The form for how to contact me is at the bottom of this page Artists Side Hustles


Here's some interesting articles on the topic of Artists Side Hustle

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