Sunday, March 27, 2022

Series 3 of Grayson's Art Club

It's so nice to see Grayson's Art Club back on Channel 4 - and also to see a post Covid tweak.

The third series started up last week - and was a most welcome addition to this time of the year. I really like the very relaxed vibe and way they make the programme. This is who we are / how we look / what we do. So very far removed from so-called "reality shows"!

Below is an update on
  • about series 3
  • how to watch and 
  • how to submit artwork 
  • plus an update on my lengthy postoperative recovery period. Tomorrow I enter week 9 and start partial weight-bearing - which will be a relief from one legged mobilising so long as it doesn't hurt!

The tweak is that the celebrity guest in this series is actually invited to their studio to make an artwork. Grayson Perry and his wife Philippa have sorted out a nice tidy area in a separate room which is well stocked with art materials - and they are invited to make an artwork on the theme of the week

Then share their sandwiches at lunchtime. There's a "bring your own" to this aspect of the programme which looks like it might become increasingly interesting as the series progresses. I'm saying no more.....

The first two guests have been Bill Bailey and Jo Brand - so a bit of a lean towards those with comic timing - and maybe a connection to mental health / therapy.


The programme is broadcast on Channel 4 at 8pm and is subsequently available via the on demand facility All4 on television and devices connected to the web - although see my note below.

As per the first two series, every episode has a theme.  These are:
  • Love
  • Heroes and Heroines
  • Normal Life
  • Inside my Head
  • Holidays
  • The Future
  • The Queen
The first two episodes have aired and are now available online - although when I tried to watch Episode 2 this morning my TV Freeview refused to play and I had to access it via my Macbook. I've noticed this with the TV version of ALL 4 (the catch up for Channel 4) before - they're sometimes very slow to put up the latest episode


Read how to submit artwork for the upcoming episodes which are still accepting submissions on the Grayson's Art Club website.

The deadlines for submissions are as follows:
  • LOVE submissions are now closed
  • HEROES & HEROINES submissions are now closed
  • NORMAL LIFE submissions are now closed
  • INSIDE MY HEAD submissions are now closed
  • HOLIDAYS submissions close at 17.00 (5pm) on 30th March
  • THE FUTURE submissions close at 17.00 (5pm) on 6th April
  • THE QUEEN submissions close at 17.00 (5pm) on 6th April


As before, Grayson is selecting artwork from those submitted for the end of series exhibition - but no news yet as to when or where that will be.

I'll endeavour to update as and when this becomes clearer.

A new pot - for the Science Museum

Read about a covid work of art made by Grayson Perry - which is destined for the Science Museum and will be unveiled on 30th March 2022.  See the Guardian review Grayson Perry, God, and a teddy named Measles sum up UK life in the Covid era

Previous posts about Grayson's Art Club


I've now completed the eighth week of post-operative recovery - and mobilising on one leg with the aid of a knee scooter. 

Tomorrow I get to try weight-bearing on my recovering ankle encased in the very large heavy duty walker boot for the first time.

I have to confess I'm totally worn out by the walker boot with the rocker bottom. It's just so heavy compared to the very lightweight fibreglass cast. Sleeping in it is also a major challenge / disturbance! The more tired I get the less likely I am to write blog posts. I'm guessing the blogging will really only get back to normal as I get the walker boot off and start proper walking.....

No idea when that will be.....

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