Thursday, May 27, 2021

How to scan art - a new resource

This post does not explain how to scan art - because that would be a very long post! 

Instead, it refers you a NEW page called How to scan artwork to create a digital image of your art, which I've just published in the Image Management section of my Art Business Info for Artists website.

This page covers:

  • Why scanning is the best alternative to photography
  • Different types of scanner 
  • DIY: how to scan artwork
  • Professional digital imaging services
  • Glossary of scanning terminology

It summarises key "need to know" points - but also points you in the direction of other articles written on this topic - so you can learn from a different perspective. It's how I learn - reading different articles by different writers on one topic! 

The aim is that after studying this page, an artist who is unfamiliar with scanning should 

  • understand more about how scanning works 
  • why scanning is often a preferable route to creating a good digital image record of your artwork - especially if it is going to be published in a book or as a reproduction print
  • what are the different ways of scanning
  • what you can do for yourself 
  • when it's best to call in a professional digital imaging service
  • what all those technical words mean

[No image for this post due to the fact that Blogger has stopped uploading images!!] 

Problem now fixed!

This is an image of what it looks like using Image Capture on my Apple iMac to scan an image on my Canon Multifunctional printer/scanner - which can scan up to 2,400dpi. It provides several adjustments for the scan - and a preview before I scan.

What I see on my screen when scanning one of my coloured pencil drawings:
type of scanning (colour);
resolution (300 dpi);
size of the scan (9x12 inches);
where to save it: a specific folder on my iMac






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