Monday, July 20, 2020

#Museums Unlocked and lockdown art

We've had a number of innovative lockdown art projects during the Coronavirus Lockdown. One of these was created by #MuseumsUnlocked - and this blog post is about that initiative

#Museums Unlocked - The Facts

  1. It's a project developed by Dan Hicks (@profdanhicks) - who is a professor of contemporary archaeology at the University of Oxford and a curator at the city’s Pitt Rivers Museum
  2. It ended earlier this month after running for 100 days. 
  3. It was a Twitter project - run through the hashtag ##MuseumsUnlocked
  4. The project had themes - one for each day (see below for the themes for Days 1-100)
  5. People responded and posted images in response to the set themes (see examples below)
  6. Most of the themes were to do with history and archeology - but some were related to Art.
  7. People were invited to share their own pics of the museum in question
  8. It produced what has been termed a "curatorial endeavour" by the culturally engaged Twitterati.
Please share your photographs of exhibitions, objects, architecture, events and more—so we can make a "virtual" visit tomorrow and see the museum through each others' camera lens.

Below are the themes for each of the days

Four pics provide the themes for 25 days at a time.

How to see what got posted

To view what people posted for specific topic you need to:

Here's a few I found on various museum topics

Day 16: Tate Britain

Day 63: Portraiture

Day 86: Drawing and Illustration

After #Museums Unlocked

There's been an article in the Art Newspaper Now is the time to be radical which was very complimentary about the project
Through #MuseumsUnlocked, my Twitter feed had been punctuated every day by images of, and words about, places and objects, posted in response to daily themes set by Hicks, whether historic civilisations, particular cities or countries, or themes such as animals or food and drink. The results were a people’s curatorial endeavour—community art history and social history as told by visitors from across cultures and geographies; a collision of endlessly stimulating thoughts and pictures.

As for (@profdanhicks) this was today's tweet! He returned to work today!

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