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Commission an artist: 'Home is where the Art Is' (Series 2: Episodes 5-10)

I've now watched the entire second series of Home is where the Art is on BBC1 - and I have to say I'm impressed - and will comment further in a future post (see below)

part of the mosaic mural created and customised by Jim Anderson for the clients in Episode 10

The episodes in Series 2 are 

Today's post:
  • covers the second week and the artists in Episodes 5-10 (following on from last post Home Is Where The Art Is (Series 2)  
  • identifies both the commission brief and budget
  • lists where you can see their artwork and contact them:
    • Links to the artist's website is embedded in their name 
    • Links to a max of three social media sites are then listed below the name (Note: I only ever list Facebook Pages as accounts are personal sites - not for business)
    • those with asterisks were commissioned to make an artwork
  • plus images from their social media which 
    • indicates something of the programme, 
    • enables you to see the artwork 
    • and a lot more of their work
    • read what people thought of their time in the show and what they produced - if they were selected for the final two asked to produce a commissioned artwork.
    • and THE AFTERMATH of appearing on the programme! ;) 
Tomorrow's post will do the same thing and cover the third week and Episodes 6-15. 

It will be followed by a further post this week in which I'll
  • highlight my conclusions about the series as a whole
  • identify some TIPS for those wanting to apply for the next series (which I'm absolutely 100% sure will be commissioned)

Episode 5 (Budget £250 - £1,000)

Commission: a buyer who was born on the weekend of the moon landings wants to mark her 50th year with something out of this world.

The artists are:
One of the most interesting pieces of artwork I've ever seen!

....and another great end for a piece of very interesting textile artwork!

Episode 6 (Budget: upto £1,000)

Commission Brief: The buyers want to celebrate the day their lives changed forever, ten years ago, when they won the National Lottery (£12.4 million!)

The artists are:
Oddly nobody highlighted the artwork made - although both were impressive in different ways!

Otis Griffith with his metal sculpture

Episode 7 (Budget upto £1,500)

Commission Brief: the buyers want something uplifting for their home after a recent cancer diagnosis.

The artists are:
Stained glass for a clerestory light above a door by Annette Jackson

This was one programme where I came away thinking the winner is going to be getting a lot of commissions. Turns out I was right!

Episode 8 (Budget: upto £800)

Commission Brief: something to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary

The artists are:

Not an untypical response from artists who made great and unusual work

Even the artist who didn't make the final cut has had lots of interest in her artwork and sales!

Episode 9 (Budget £1,000)

Commission Brief:  a young couple from Derby would like something to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

The artists are:
Ollie Hollins talking about how he created his sculpture for a couple who are about to be married

Episode 10 (Budget £700)

Commission Brief: The buyer is looking for a gift for her husband as a thank you for all he does for the family and to mark his long service to charity work.

The artists are:
This mosaic mural - created by Jim Anderson - was quite possibly one of the most customised pieces in the series to this point. I suspect if he'd' been on social media we'd have seen much evidence of people wanting one just like it for their family. Do take a look at his website!

Jim Anderson with part of the circular mosaic created for his clients

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