Monday, November 04, 2019

Brexit #2: The Pre-Election Update

The government has revved up all its advice pages on Brexit on the GOV.UK website ready for going into "purdah" when Parliament rises tomorrow, prior to the General Election on 2012.

This post is about the latest updates issues prior to the change in what can and cannot be done or said. It's especially relevant to

  • all those who trade outside the UK
  • all those who are not living in their country of birth.
You can also read my first post Brexit #1: Do or Die? About which one might comment that Boris is not dead in a ditch somehere

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

What is "purdah" in an election context in the UK?

For those who have never worked for the government (unlike me) "purdah is a technical (and quite possibly an inappropriate) term to refer to the constraints on government activity during the period of time between
  • the dissolution of the governing administration and 
  • the swearing in of the new government.
This time around, this will cover an approx. six week period from 6th November to 12th December 2019. 

There are restrictions on what a government can do during this period and very tight restrictions on all publicity. see 

Which is how come I got an email from the HMRC part of the GOV. UK website 4 hours ago to say this
The UK government has agreed an extension to the Brexit deadline until 31 Ja‌nu‌ar‌y 2020. 
HMRC will continue to help businesses prepare for Brexit in all scenarios, including the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a deal on 31 Ja‌nu‌ar‌y 2020.

  • Many of the steps that you have already taken to get your business ready for Brexit will still be useful preparation for the UK leaving the EU, with or without a deal:
  • if you have received an EORI number starting with GB, please retain this number, your EORI number will remain valid for use in trade with businesses based in the EU if the UK leaves the EU without a deal – your EORI number can be used now to trade with businesses based outside of the EU
  • if you are an importer and have registered for Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP), you should retain your letter of approval – it will remain valid if the UK leaves the EU without a deal
  • if you received a letter from HMRC telling you that you’ve automatically been registered for TSP, we will be writing to you again soon to authorise you to use it to import TSP standard goods from the EU if the UK leaves without a deal – please retain these letters and your TSP number.
To find out more about the steps you need to take to get ready for Brexit, go to GOV.UK.
Then on the official Brexit Page it says this

Preparing your business for Brexit

Check how to get your business ready for a no deal Brexit.

Visiting the EU

To visit Europe after Brexit there are things you need to do before you travel.
  • For example, you will need to check your passport, get travel insurance which covers healthcare, and get the right driving documents.
  • Visit Europe after Brexit

Living and working in the EU

  • Living and working in an EU country after Brexit depends on the rules in that country.
  • You may need to register or apply for residency. 
  • You should check that you’re covered for healthcare. 
  • You may also need to exchange your UK driving licence for a licence issued by the EU country where you live. 
  •   Check what you must do in the country where you live 

Staying in the UK if you’re an EU citizen 

Brexit: check what you need to do if there is no deal

I still need to get my head around all this - but thought I'd get the summary drawn to your attention....

.....while you think all you need to do in the next couple of months is christmas shopping and sending off the artwork ordered from your website!