Thursday, May 24, 2018

VIDEO: Carl Randall paints 70 people in Piccadilly Circus

This video by Carl Randall documents how he created a very LARGE painting of Piccadilly Circus. 

Crop of part of Carl Randall's painting of Piccadilly Circus
The video is very short (1min 42 secs) and is speeded up so you can see his painting process and how he progresses the painting in terms of
  • the backdrop of the architectural features of Piccadilly Circus
  • the foreground of people - which includes 70 portraits of people painted from life

First he mapped in the background

Next he started painting the individual heads - from life

About Carl Randall

Carl is a figurative artist. The thing that makes his portrait paintings work very distinctive is that he locates people in a cultural context and specific location.

He also likes to paint in monochrome as well as colour.

I first encountered Carl Randall at the BP Portrait Exhibition in 2012 when he had a painting included which I really liked (see Review: BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2012 (Part 2)) plus he won a prize - see Carl Randall wins BP Travel Award 2012.

Since then he has moved from Japan back to London and I've seen his very distinctive portraits from time to time e.g. his London Portraits by Carl Randall were exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery - and two of them are currently in the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

Nick Park and Raymond Briggs - painted by Carl Randall
included in the 2018 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters
However what I best remember him for is the outcome of winning the travel award - and Carl Randall's Japan - the best BP Travel Award Exhibition ever! I loved it!

On his website you can see:
  • London Portraits
  • Japan Portraits which starts with the very first painting of his that I saw - Mr.Kitazawa's Noodle Bar, Tokyo
  • Japan Sketchbook - monochrome drawings in pencil and ink on paper
  • Videos - more documentary videos about his work - which are an excellent way of sharing artwork!

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