Sunday, April 03, 2016

BP Portrait Award: The Best of the Rest

I was sent an image today by somebody who did NOT get their work selected for display in the BP Portrait Prize Exhibition 2016. (Those selected will be announced this week).
Hello Katherine,
Thanks for the consistently excellent reads.This year, I am one of the selected artists for the BP Portrait Prize who did not make it into the exhibition. I thought I'd send along an image of my piece, The Big Time, should it be of any use for your article.
However it struck me, I've got a lot of BP Portrait Followers and it occurred to me I could offer a second bite of the cherry with a "best of the rest" virtual exhibition for anybody interested. 
  • Entries are strictly limited to those who entered the BP this year but were unsuccessful. 
  • An explanation of what you need to do can be found below.
Congratulations to Alessandro Tomasetti for having a good idea and prompting this blog post! This is his portrait which didn't make it.

The Big Time by Alessandro Tomasetti
50 x 65cm, oil on linen

"BP Portrait - Best of the Rest" - how to enter

Subject to enough submissions I'm happy to display "the ten best of the rest" i.e. of submissions sent to me for review which were not chosen for exhibition by the BP Portrait Selectors this year.

What I need from the artists whose entries were rejected is:
  • TWO digital images
    • your portrait as per the image you submitted (I want good images to review). I'll then downsize the images of the ten best and make them web-ready for the blog. They will be displayed @72 dpi with the longest dimension being no bigger than 600 pixels 
    • PLUS a scan or photo of your rejection letter from the competition showing the date, your name and the title of your portrait and the outcome of selection. (I'm no fool - I don't want to be drowned in portraits from those who forgot to send their entries in!). 
  • dimensions and media of the portrait in your email
  • your website domain name. I will provide a link to your website if your portrait gets posted - much as I do for the selected artists.
  • receipt of your entry by Friday 8th April.

Where to send your email entry

This web page gives you my email address - on the right under the pic of me.